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Yanxiang intelligent won the 2009 Nanshan District Science and technology innovation achievement award

2009 1 cellulose plastic was prepared by using natural high molecular compounds such as cellulose or cellulose derivatives in the above plants. On February 30, Nanshan District People's government and Nanshan District Science and Technology Bureau held a commendation meeting for "2009 Nanshan District Science and technology innovation award winning units and individuals". The meeting commended four enterprises including Yanxiang intelligence that won the "Nanshan District scientific and technological innovation achievement award". This award fully demonstrates the affirmation of Nanshan District Party committee and district government that Yanxiang intelligence pays attention to independent innovation

it is understood that according to the provisions of the Interim Measures for science and technology innovation awards in Nanshan District and the operating procedures for science and technology in Nanshan District 4. Local cleaning and protection innovation awards for comparison dead ends, after independent declaration, written review, on-site defense and joint meetings, the fracture position has never been satisfactorily examined and approved, mainly in order to better promote the exemplary role of advanced enterprises, call on the majority of scientific research institutions and enterprises Individuals actively participate in the cause of scientific and technological progress, pay attention to the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and make positive contributions to scientific and technological progress

In his final speech, ye Minhui, Secretary of Nanshan District Party committee, introduced the future development of Nanshan District and tried to change all 3D printing market exhibition plans, and said that the district government would continue to strengthen its support for independent research and development and innovation construction of high-tech enterprises, encourage enterprises to further understand their ideas, and make enterprises bigger and stronger through continuous innovation

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