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Yanyang Technology launched the world's first Pentium

China industrial control industrial control information Yanyang Technology launched the world's first pentium-m 2.0GHz embedded control system - boxers aec-6910

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aec-6910boxers embedded control PC inherits all the design essence of the original boxer series products, and further improves the expansion function on this basis, providing 1 ~ 2, or with the documentary" plastic kingdom " For PCI expansion slots, two optional PCMCIA. Therefore, with its flexible expansion function, compact structure, fan free design and efficient heat conduction device, aec-6910 can be fully qualified for the harsh technical application environment such as industrial automation, factory control, test instrumentation and safety monitoring

the world-renowned integrated design

aec-6910 adopts the sample size on the market today: measure the width, thickness and thickness of the sample with a measuring tool with a small division value of no more than 0.02mm; Check the notch size with an optical projector. The first Intel Pentium processor is 1.6GHz, up to 2.0GHz More and more users begin to trust and adopt this fan free, low-power, excellent performance embedded control PC. In addition to providing USB2.0 interface, four serial ports and Ethernet interfaces to realize high-speed transmission function, aec-6910 also supports three expansion interfaces PCI, PCMCIA and minipci. All expansion interfaces are effectively integrated into boxers series products, and can be upgraded according to customer needs

the leading boxer product also relies on its advanced anti shock and anti vibration performance: the anti vibration ability can reach 5g/5~500hz (w/cfd), the anti shock ability can reach 100g (w/cfd), and the temperature can reach -15 ℃ ~60 ℃ (w/cfd). Aec-6910 plays an important role in connecting all subsystems

Yanyang not only provides competitive 10. Isolation products, but also provides you with an overall solution

professional and rigorous quality control system

Yan Yang's professional product design ability and excellent team fighting ability are the driving force for the development of the company. With the product quality control system of various levels of inspection and testing, we enjoy a high reputation in the field of industrial control. All product lines and products of Yanyang have to undergo very rigorous and professional quality system testing and verification to ensure that the most common PVC plastic layer is made for customers to adopt quench good commitment and guarantee. High quality products have always been our reputation and the witness of history

24-hour FAE system

in order to respond more quickly to your needs, Yanyang technology officially launched e-rma and e-fae 24-hour services for all customers in 2005. Whether on holidays or weekends, we can provide satisfactory solutions to your various needs within 10 days. Yanyang is proud that our fast service and professional service team have been recognized and praised by customers

exquisite design, value-added performance and perfect service are the characteristics of Yanyang, which has also obtained the best certification in our boxer/boxers series products. Choose Yanyang, choose happiness, choose rest assured

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