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Yanyang technology newly launched AEC

580) this, which focuses on the multimedia entertainment market width=580 "Border=0> in order to meet the increasingly high requirements of the IPC market, friends in need can contact the experimental machine factory. Yanyang Technology launched aec-6850. Compared with aec-6830, it is a more advanced version, which uses Intel Celeron m600mhz processor without fan.

innovation in the field of multimedia entertainment

in the era of information explosion, advertising will not only appear on home TV, but will extend to all public places, more than Such as department stores, buses, trains, supermarkets and other places. The advertising industry will release product information for customers through various possible ways. This requires a multi-functional system to ensure the stability of public advertising

as the control center, aec-6850 is a server suitable for public multimedia entertainment industry. It is equipped with an ultra-high performance heat sink, which has been patented in Germany. Aec-6850 supports pentium-m1.3ghz processor. In addition, it also supports dual independent display. Aec-6850 can simultaneously control and display two different events, such as Faurecia's seat lightweight scheme, Pan Asia's heat and sound insulation materials and Solvay's TECHNYL high-performance materials

aec-6850 is a compact chassis, but it has flexible scalability, such as a 6-in-one card reader, 3usb2.0 interface, VGA, TV out, DVI, 5.1ch sound card, 2COM port and an IEEE1394 (wireless) interface

stability is designed for difficult environments

aec-6850 is designed for rugged and difficult environments. First of all, it can withstand strong vibration tests to 5grms, and anti vibration magnetic disk rack is optional. Therefore, aec-6850 can be used in strong vibration environment. Aec-68 exquisite and elegant design 50 is a low-power product, which can usually run at -15oc to 60oC. MTBF (meantimebeforefailure) national level test aec-6850 can operate for 50000 hours at 35oc

aec-6850 is a standard high-performance controller for long duty cycle. It can replace the traditional way and become the mainstream controller in the multimedia entertainment market

aec-6850 features

intel Celeron m600mhz/1.3ghz processor fanless design

6in1 card reader


optional multiple disk shelves

optional vcd/dvd

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