The hottest Yanxiang red wine will render Bincheng

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At 16:00 on December 19, the Millennium banquet hall on the fifth floor of Harbin Huarong hotel was full of noise and excitement. Harbin Yanxiang Christmas wine appreciation meeting was held here. The theme of this reception is "work together to stabilize the system performance and win-win the future". It is the thanks of Yanxiang group that Harbin has increased the design and processing freedom of thermosetting materials while expanding the types of 3D printing materials? The first thank-you meeting held by the majority of customers in Yanxiang District, more than 200 customers gathered in Yanxiang's assembly number. Yang Yuqing, general manager of Yanxiang group's North China Technology Department, Xu Yuexin, deputy general manager of Yanxiang northeast region, and Wang Jian, general manager of Harbin Yanxiang attended the reception

this reception consists of product display, application speech, face-to-face experts, on-site lottery and other links. The red wine and the snow kicked off the reception. First of all, Mr. Yang Yuqing, general manager of the Technology Department of Yanxiang group in North China, made a toast. He said, "the waves are scouring the sand and the torrents are advancing bravely. In the stormy waves of the market economy, Yanxiang group has always been brave to rise and prosper. This is the result of the care and support of all new and old customers. Let's join hands with Yanxiang and drink to the glory of 2009." Later, Mr. Yang Yuqing raised the red wine, poured a full glass of the tower, and toasted with more than 200 customers to celebrate the brilliant achievements of Yanxiang group in 2008. He felt relieved to know and thank new and old customers for their support to Yanxiang. Later, the model wore costumes and showed 24 new products of Yanxiang to the on-site customers, including epi-1811, fsc-1814, hpc1811, ipc-8422, EC, EC, mec-5003, ppc-1050 and other classic products

then, in the moving music and beautiful melody, the face-to-face session of experts pushed the reception to a climax. Everyone at the event actively asked questions, aiming at everyone's questions, Mr. Yang Yuqing introduced: "Yanxiang launched two new products every day on average, and 1000 of the more than 4000 Yanxiang people did research and development to improve the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and prevent and control environmental pollution, which are complementary, ensuring the quality of Yanxiang products and the progressiveness of technology." Mr. Wang Jian added: "as a national brand in the special computer industry, Yanxiang has achieved the first place in China and the third place in the world, which is inseparable from the reliability of Yanxiang products. It can be said that Yanxiang special computer products have the best cost performance in the same industry!" The on-site customers affirmed and praised this, and said that they would work together with Yanxiang to win the future

finally, entering the free exchange link, everyone picked up the wine in their hands and exchanged experience. A glass of red wine, pulled into the hearts of Yanxiang and customers; A reception, let's say goodbye to 08 and welcome the arrival of 09 with a new attitude. Join hands with Yanxiang to win the future. I believe that on the road of the future, Yanxiang will witness the bright future of manufacturing industry with you

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