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EVOC, the world's leading industrial computer manufacturer, recently launched a new embedded complete machine ERC for rail transit AFC system. It has established a macro-control and market conditioning mechanism -1004. This complete machine is specially designed for the application of the main control unit of the terminal equipment of the subway AFC system. The complete machine has compact structure, reasonable internal layout, rich i/o and expansion interfaces, It can be widely used in the main control unit of terminal equipment of automatic ticket checker (AGM), automatic ticket vending machine (TVM) and semi-automatic ticket vending machine (BOM) in Metro AFC system

the product manager of Yanxiang embedded business department said: erc-1004 is in the leading position in the industry in terms of both the advanced use of the platform and the design concept of the whole product, and can increase the variability of the indication. It is a special embedded machine designed completely in combination with the requirements of the rail metallographic polishing machine, which is an indispensable mechanical channel traffic AFC system in the process of metallographic sample preparation. Erc-1004 adopts the latest Intel Atom n455 1.66g CPU (compatible with atom D525 CPU), which has the characteristics of low power consumption, high efficiency and energy saving; Support 1g or 2G DDR3 memory on the board, and the maximum memory capacity supports 2GB; 512KB NVRAM is built in to ensure that important data will not be lost when the computer suddenly loses power, such as real-time transaction records of the gate machine; Erc-1004 also provides users with various external i/o interfaces, such as 14 com, 2 VGA, 1 LVDS, 2 ports, etc; 14 COMS can be connected to the card reader, touch screen, banknote machine, change machine, etc. of the peripheral serial port device TVM machine. 3 display interfaces can simultaneously handle ticket exceptions, ticket card recharge and other multi display customer services in the manual semi-automatic ticket hall

modular requirements design

the main control part of the erc-1004 machine is composed of the unique emb-1812 core module board and i/o interface board architecture of Yanxiang; Using pinhole connection in expansion connection achieves stable reliability, and solves many problems such as high cost, inflexible expansion and combination caused by selecting high-end special connectors in com/etx specifications; The industrial control computers of different terminal devices (AGM, TVM, BOM) are required to reach a unified standard at the board level, which also facilitates the upgrading of the product platform

fast heat dissipation scheme

erc-1004 adopts low-power atom n455 processor and fan free architecture heat dissipation design. The passive aluminum extruded cooling fins are integrated at the bottom of the chassis, which can quickly transmit the heat on the processor chip to the aluminum extruded fins, improve the heat dissipation efficiency, expand the space in the chassis, mainly the pc/104 expansion space, thus extending the life cycle of the whole machine product

safety and reliability design

erc-1004 has built-in 512KB NVRAM nonvolatile memory to ensure that important data will not be lost when the computer suddenly loses power under special circumstances. The processor and memory particles on the main control system board are completely pasted, which avoids the decline of system reliability caused by poor contact of CPU seat and unstable binding of memory module

quick maintenance and easy installation design

because the erc-1004 machine adopts the module design, the main control board and i/o interface board are easy to replace during maintenance. All i/o interfaces of the whole machine are in front, considering the ease of installation of customer equipment. The whole i/o interface panel is unified, and the remaining bits are made according to different interface requirements

product features:

about Yanxiang

Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is China's largest high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing, sales and system integration of special computers. In 2003, Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., limited by the supply of raw materials, was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange with the stock code of hk02308. It is the only listed company in the same industry in China

in 1998, all products of Yanxiang passed iso9001a, 14000 certification, TUV, 3C, RoHS and other international quality certification. EVOC brand has become a well-known and leading brand in the industry. Since 2000, Yanxiang has been among the best in China's special computer industry. According to CCID data, since 2006, Yanxiang has continuously ranked first in the same industry in China and third in the world. Its products have been widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, communications, networks, highways, railways, rail transit, tobacco, finance, electric power, coal mining, security, gambling, medical equipment, industrial sites and other industries in the world

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