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Yanxiang Mall: your industrial control new world

on June 18, as the first industrial control brand electronic mall in China, Yanxiang Mall (), the first full process B2B e-commerce platform in the industrial control industry, was officially launched

Yanxiang mall is positioned to establish a one-stop platform for target customers to purchase Yanxiang products and services conveniently. Yanxiang mall will launch the whole line of products sold by Yanxiang according to the classification of product lines, and set up hot selling areas, promotion areas, recommendation areas, points areas and other areas according to the habits of online consumption. Shangshang mall implements the membership system, and members implement the hierarchical system. When purchasing, you can enjoy points feedback, and points can be used to exchange for gifts carefully set by Yanxiang. The mall will also rely on officials, and through cooperation with E-call, consulting and other offline channels, e-commerce will form an integrated marketing platform

go to Yanxiang mall and enjoy the one-stop purchase service of Yanxiang products. Through Yanxiang mall, you will easily enjoy various professional services of Yanxiang Mall:

1, convenient purchase

stay at home, click the mouse, Yanxiang products are delivered to the door

2, rich products

the mall provides a full range of products of Yanxiang, as well as the exclusive preferential price

3, member activities

free points upon purchase, exquisite gifts can be exchanged, and you can also participate in various member exclusive activities held regularly

4, Q & a

experts are ready to answer the problems in your model selection when receiving user fault information. From then on, industrial control model selection is worry free

5, convenient payment

supports various payment methods such as Alipay, UnionPay and offline transfer

this time, Yanxiang entered e-commerce with a high profile, raising the new channel of e-commerce to the strategic level of the machine group that is often used, Build the first industrial control brand electronic mall in the industry. In the past, in the traditional industrial control business model, it is easy for brands to ignore a large number of small customers with irregular demand in the market. As the world's leading R & D manufacturer of aluminum processing products, if they are gathered through e-commerce sales, they will reduce the difficulty of model selection without limitation of time and place, which will form a huge long tail market. The long tail means small profits, big market, small customers and big contributions. Before, they were ignored because the cost of traditional marketing to aggregate them was too high. However, relying on the Internet and e-commerce, Yanxiang mall is bound to be overturned the traditional concept of the industrial control industry and usher in a new chapter in the industrial control industry

Yanxiang mall, your new world of industrial control, as the first attempt of industrial control e-commerce, Yanxiang mall will have a series of new product recommendations, special offers, integral gifts and other activities to invite the majority of industrial control customers to participate, and set off a new "Yanxiang style" of industrial control in June ~ please look forward! Yanxiang Mall:

# Yanxiang innovation for 20 years #

Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is China's largest high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing, sales and system integration of special computers. In 2003, project Fang Xiang was in the process of preliminary design of process flow, drawing review, pre approval of company name, listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange with stock code, becoming the only listed company in the same industry in China. At present, Yanxiang has a strong R & D, sales and service network, which has ranked first in the same industry in China and third in the world. Yanxiang:. E call line:

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