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Yanxiang intelligent shares successfully transferred to the main board

according to the Hong Kong stock exchange, Yanxiang intelligent shares have been officially issued in Hong Kong, and then 8 hours later, the stock code is; Original stop

Yanxiang intelligent is a core enterprise under Shenzhen Yanxiang High Tech Holding Group, which is mainly engaged in the development and sales of special computers and embedded software and hardware products. In 2003, Yanxiang intelligence was listed on the gem of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and once ranked among the top nine in the composite index. The domestic market share ranked first for five consecutive years

in recent years, with the gradual improvement of the performance of Yanxiang intelligent shares, the market share and brand awareness of products have increased year by year, and Yanxiang intelligent has gradually acquired the strength and qualification to transfer to the main board. 200 all of this began with high-yield utilization. At the end of August, under the influence of the international financial storm, Yanxiang intelligent Co., Ltd. still maintained a good momentum of development and had a lot of room for development. In 2010, Yanxiang brand won the title of China's well-known trademark, and Yanxiang intelligent also officially submitted an application for transferring to the main board, which was finally approved

the success of this motherboard conversion also provides a further development opportunity for the future development of Yanxiang intelligence in the field of industrial computer control systems, and will also bring continuous returns to more investors

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