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Yanxiang mall is passionate in July. You can register and place orders frequently and politely

to buy industrial computers, so you can go to Yanxiang mall. Since Yanxiang Mall () was launched one month ago, the station traffic and the number of consultants have increased steadily, and the performance has increased day by day. From some small orders and loose orders to large orders and bulk orders, you can go to Shanghai or the pilot machine officer to download purchase orders, which is becoming more and more prosperous. As one of the three carriages of Yanxiang's strategy in 2013, Yanxiang mall has become an important journey within the company and even the industrial control industry, with the intention of opening a new chapter in industrial control shopping

as the first brand e-commerce platform of industrial control, Yanxiang mall has received extensive attention from industrial control colleagues and received many pertinent suggestions once it was launched. When you buy an industrial computer, you can go to Yanxiang mall. We position Yanxiang mall as a one-stop platform for target customers to easily purchase Yanxiang products and services, and also add a special area for supporting products, covering software, services, accessories modules. When you buy an industrial computer, you can also purchase extended warranty door-to-door services, customized software, mouse, keyboard and other service products. In short, what Yanxiang mall allows you to buy will not only be an industrial computer, but a set of overall solutions

industrial control e-commerce is unstoppable. This quarter, Yanxiang mall has brought many gifts and discounts to you, including special offers of new products, hot sales promotion, courtesy of registration and orders, etc. ~ in July, we solemnly prepared the mall's preferential scheme again to feed back to the majority of industrial control customers

I. registration gifts

1. Points

during the event, each member who successfully registered during the event will give 618 points, which can be used as gifts in the event points area (exquisite gifts are increasing...)

2. Free gift bags (limited to 168):

the first, 11th, 21st, 31st place registered successfully in July Members will receive a set of "non classic management" and "rebuilding non classic"

the 6th, 16th, 26th and 36th places registered successfully in July Members will receive an extra T-shirt of the 20-year collection of Yanxiang innovation

the 8th, 18th, 28th and 38th places registered successfully in July Members will get a cute double faced cat pillow as a bonus

II. Place an order and give a big gift

1. Double points

during the activity, members who place an order and pay successfully will get double product points

2. Free backpacks

member customers who place an order and pay successfully will get an additional 599 yuan of polar Kuba military reinforced notebook special backpacks, limited to 20, first come, first served, until they are finished

time of activity: from July 1st, 2013 to July 31st, 2013

Evonik did not show its strategic particularity, and enjoyed the one-stop purchase service of Evonik products. Buy an industrial computer and go to Yanxiang mall. Yanxiang mall is passionate in July. Register and place orders frequently and politely. Please look forward to all kinds of activities! Yanxiang Mall:

# Yanxiang innovation for 20 years #

Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is China's largest high-tech enterprise integrating the mixture of special computer research, development, manufacturing, sales and systems. In 2003, Hong Kong stock exchange was listed with stock code, becoming the only listed company in the same industry in China. At present, Yanxiang has a strong R & D, sales and service network, and has ranked first in the same industry in China, and third in the world after repeating the above steps several times. Yanxiang:. E call line:

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