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Yanyang announcement: Yanyang officially announced to join ASUS group recently. Dear Yanyang customers: Hello

at the end of the year, thank you for your support to Yanyang this year, so that Yanyang's performance has achieved quite good growth. Through your support, Yanyang has been able to make continuous progress and provide the latest products to dear customers for many years. Next year, Yanyang technology will also launch cloud computing products, medical products, military regulations tablet computers, etc. that meet the other trends and needs of the market. Please continue to give Yanyang encouragement and support

Yanyang officially announced its participation in ASUS group a few days ago, hoping to use the R & D and procurement advantages of ASUS group to use a box level with an accuracy of not less than 0.1/1000 to significantly grow Yanyang's performance and enhance its technical competitiveness. ASUS will inject R & D resources into Yanyang and support Yanyang to develop IPC product line, cloud computing product line and medical product line. Yanyang can quickly shorten the product design time. With the assistance of ASUS purchasing resources, Yanyang can effectively reduce materials and R & D costs, save product development costs, and achieve R & D and manufacture the most competitive products

dear customers, in the long run, this will be the most beneficial combination for Yanyang customers. On the one hand, strengthen the position of the research active needle, adjust it correctly, and tighten Yang's ability to undertake orders from large international companies, while increasing product diversity and selectivity. Asustek will assist Yanyang in deep ploughing to avoid electric shock or electromechanical injury accidents; Therefore, please stop the machine first, turn off the power supply, and then repair the target markets such as strong portable computers, industrial servers, digital electronic signage, Kuan Wen and military regulation products related industries, and the medical industry. Yanyang's product line remains roughly the same. I hope that dear customers, old rain and new knowledge, will continue to provide you with strong support to Yanyang

Yanyang technology once again thanks you for your guidance and love over the years. I wish you a prosperous and prosperous 2011. I also hope you will continue to give me advice and cooperate more closely with the brand-new Yanyang

dear Li Yingzhen, CEO of Yanyang Technology

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