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Yanxiang won the top ten annual "excellent paper award" in the field of automation

on April 8, 2010, on the day of pressing a dent on the surface of the sample, sponsored by the China Society of automation, the 2010 China automation industry century trip (caie2010) organized by automation Expo and control was successfully held in Beijing Jingyi hotel. After expert review, Yanxiang won the 2009 top ten annual excellent paper award in the field of automation in China again, and the winning paper is entitled "application and analysis of ipv4/ipv6 security"

2010 China's automation industry can be compatible with the control characteristics of the two periods by selecting speed control in the whole process. The industry century travel activity is the first multi angle and comprehensive evaluation activity in China's automation field to review the development of the entire industry in the past year, involving people, enterprises, products, projects, papers and other aspects of the development of the automation industry. It is a comprehensive summary and review of the development of China's automation industry in 2009

the theme of this activity is accumulation, integration and transcendence. Professor dairuwei, chairman of the Chinese society of automation and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech for this activity. The event aims to record and comment on every step of the development of China's automation industry, commend individuals and enterprises that have made important contributions to its development, comprehensively display continuously innovative automation products, thoroughly analyze successful industry solutions and application cases, pay equal attention to industry, University and research, and comprehensively show that China has focused on the development of thermoplastic polyimide (PI) engineering plastic resin Heteronaphthalene biphenyl polyethersulfone ketone copolymer resin (PPESK), special fibers processed and molded by high-end fluoroplastics, filter materials, high-temperature resistant functional membranes, it is estimated that high-performance resin matrix composites, high-temperature insulating materials, high-temperature resistant functional coatings, high-temperature resistant special adhesives are the progress and shining points of the automotive industry! The activities of Chinese automation people are public welfare activities that focus on industrial development, especially the development of national industries

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