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Volvo green innovative building promotes environmental optimization

Introduction: Recently, Volvo Construction equipment company announced that it would expand its $30million production facility expansion at its Shippensburg manufacturing plant in the United States. The expansion project, with a total construction area of 200000 square feet, aims to develop high-function and sustainable buildings through all links of design, construction, operation and corporate culture

recently, Volvo Construction Equipment announced that it would expand its $30million production facility expansion at its Shippensburg manufacturing plant in the United States. The expansion project, with a total construction area of 200000 square feet, aims to put forward requirements for the window width of foaming raw materials through design and construction, develop high-function and sustainable buildings in all links of manufacturing, operation and corporate culture, optimize the environment, and finally meet the energy and environmental building certification established by the U.S. Green Building Council

Chris stone, project director of the Shippensburg plant of Volvo Construction equipment, said: "Volvo shipensburg manufacturing plant will not only provide a sustainable working environment, but also endow it with awareness of the environment and society. At present, LEED certification has been widely popularized in the field of commercial buildings, but there are few heavy-duty manufacturing plants. However, Volvo not only applies green environmental protection to all links of shipensburg manufacturing plant construction, but also promotes this spirit to every Volvo employee The allowable error of the indentation measuring device jointly promotes the harmonious development of the environment. "

environmental protection first

LEED certification has been included as one of the indicators of quality audit as early as the Shippensburg manufacturing plant was still in the design stage. To this end, Volvo has taken a lot of environmental protection measures to make the shipensburg manufacturing plant comply with LEED certification, including energy efficiency, land planning and use, water saving and recycling, renewable energy, building material recycling and indoor air quality

green building

the US $30million production facility expansion project covers a material service center and an assembly plant to improve production processes and expand production sites, and reasonably treat and recycle construction waste to truly achieve sustainable production. At present, most building materials are purchased locally or recycled materials are used. Up to 75% of the total construction waste can be recycled or reused after treatment

sustainable practice

once completed and put into use, shipensburg manufacturing plant can immediately put into sustainable production, continue to improve, and continue to work towards LEED certification. This process involves all aspects of production activities and is meticulous. Taking the material packaging received by Volvo Construction Equipment Company as an example, there are three different solutions for the recycling of material packaging, including the solution suitable for Volvo's own reusable packaging, namely "packaging"

"Volvo Construction equipment company has a full understanding of the life cycle of each component and material used or manufactured, and gives corresponding care. It is the so-called: no silicon step, no even a thousand miles; no small flow, no river." Mr. stone added that the two blades were in vertical contact with the specimen

Volvo Construction equipment also seeks to develop partners with the same values as the company. In addition to strict self-discipline, Volvo also requires and encourages suppliers to have ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification qualifications

little things are not small

Volvo's requirements for LEED certification are more than the operation of production facilities. Its value is reflected in the integration with corporate culture. Shipensburg manufacturing plant cultivates and promotes employees' environmental awareness through the use of visual aids (such as recycling bins) and measures conducive to ecological development

Mr. stone explained, "simple behaviors such as providing bicycle parking racks, priority parking of low emission cars, carpooling, etc. can provide a healthy and prosperous environment for daily life and promote the quality of life."

in addition, Volvo Construction equipment company also opened a comprehensive environmental training course for new employees to instill the importance of ecological environmental protection from the beginning. "For Volvo Construction equipment, the most important thing to care about the environment is to promote the awareness of ecological environment - both in the workplace and living space," Mr. stone concluded, "We hope to be among the most forward-looking thinking companies in the world. Obtaining LEED certification is Volvo's recognition of" but the efforts made by the environment. In the United States, there are few manufacturing plants that meet LEED certification, which makes Volvo proud and strengthens Volvo's determination to move forward. "

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