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Volvo President lundstat: innovation will reshape the global transportation industry

on March 24, Martin lundstat, President and CEO of Volvo Group, was invited to attend the 2018 annual meeting of the "China development high level forum" hosted by the development research center of the State Council, and delivered a speech at the sub forum of "social innovation", At the same time, a policy proposal report entitled "promoting an innovation driven modern economic system through transportation solutions" was submitted to the Forum Organizing Committee to offer suggestions on the innovative development of China's transportation industry in the new era

as China's economy enters a key period of transforming its development mode, optimizing its economic structure, and transforming its growth momentum, the transportation industry, as a basic and leading industry for social and economic development, is also facing new challenges and opportunities. "China's sustained and rapid motorization and urbanization have not only promoted economic growth and improved people's living standards, but also brought a series of problems such as traffic congestion, air pollution, climate change, road safety and so on.". Martin lundstedt pointed out that, "Only a sustainable overall transportation solution can meet the increasing transportation demand and reduce the negative impact on the environment and society. Global transportation is at the top of the wave of automation, electrification and interconnection. The further integration and mutual reinforcement of these disruptive innovation trends will not only effectively meet the corresponding challenges, but also stimulate new business models and promote the transportation system to form a value chain The new way of multi-party collaboration is moving towards a more integrated and sustainable direction, which will greatly benefit China and even the global community. "

China has become the second largest "local" market in which Volvo Group has all its businesses outside its headquarters in Sweden. "Over the years, we have continuously contributed to the success of Chinese customers with innovative products and high-quality services, and shared the leading achievements under the wave of new technologies with the industry. Volvo Group held a Global Innovation Summit in Beijing last November, and gathered with experts from all walks of life to discuss in depth issues such as the innovation and development trend and industrial policy orientation of the transportation and infrastructure industry. The installation process is as follows: and successfully tested A 'hub to hub' cargo transport self driving truck suitable for semi enclosed areas such as ports is also the first time that this solution has appeared in the world. " Martin lundstedt stressed, "Volvo Group has always been enthusiastic about the Chinese market, and is optimistic about the development potential of the Chinese market, striving to discover and solve the difficulties and problems existing in the use of users in a timely manner. We hope to continue to work with our partners in China to make our best contribution to the development of China's transportation and China's transformation in the new era."

as the pioneer and leader of the three major technological trends of transportation automation, electrification and interconnection, Volvo Group's innovative practices are all over the world. In the past two years, Volvo Group has also demonstrated fully self driving trucks suitable for deep mine operations, sugarcane harvesting and urban garbage removal in Sweden, Brazil, London and Brussels, and successfully challenged the roadshow of European self driving teams; In terms of electrification, Volvo bus under the group has sold more than 4000 electric buses worldwide, and Volvo used for low-precision trucks and Renault Trucks has also planned to take the lead in selling pure electric trucks in Europe in 2019; In addition, Volvo Group is also the enterprise with the largest number of connected vehicles in the industry - at present, more than 700000 vehicles produced by Volvo Group in the world are using connected services

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