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Introduction: on February 17, Volvo truck announced in Sanya the 2011 list of China's Volvo trucks without overhaul and users, with a total of 14 Volvo trucks up to standard, Among them, Anhui north south Express Co., Ltd. bought Volvo FH12 truck in 2006, setting an annual record of nearly 21

in response to the current industry and road safety situation, Volvo truck's market strategy has always adhered to providing trucks and comprehensive transportation solutions with the highest quality and safe automobile and motorcycle, laptop and pipeline development. The reliability of trucks must comprehensively consider quality and safety. A series of safety products developed and configured by Volvo can well cooperate with the relevant regulations of the Chinese industry, such as ACC automatic cruise system, EBS disc electronic brake system, globaltrotter cab, LCS (lane change system), LKS (lane keeping system), DAS (driver reminder support), etc., which equip truck users with the most safe and reliable means of transportation

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