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Volvo excavator implements the quality battle and delivers the perfect answer

Volvo excavator implements the quality battle and delivers the perfect answer

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in the domestic excavator market, many excavator brands have been fighting for a long time, and the electronization and lightweight of cars are becoming increasingly demanding. Komatsu, Carter and Volvo excavators occupy the main share of China's excavator market, Among them, Volvo excavator has recently received extensive attention from many construction equipment purchasers. Volvo excavator has always been highly recognized by the market for its stable performance and moderate price, and the recent quality battle of Volvo excavator has won unanimous praise from consumers

in the south area of Chengdu modern industrial port, Chengdu Fusheng construction machinery, as a standard 4S model company specializing in the sales of Volvo excavators and other construction equipment, parts sales, after-sales service, information feedback and other services, Fusheng relies on the excellent quality of Volvo excavators and the high-quality service quality of the service team to make it full of reputation

it is understood that comprehensive and systematic service does not start from after-sales, but from the first step of contacting customers, which is the starting point of Volvo excavator quality concept. Sichuan has unique mountains and rivers, so the road conditions have different requirements for the broad market prospect of construction machinery, and the quality assurance of equipment is also very important. The poor road conditions in mountainous areas require extremely high quality of equipment steel, especially bucket teeth. As the heart of the equipment, high quality and low failure rate of the engine are also the key to maintain endurance. Chengdu Fusheng will provide the most appropriate procurement suggestions according to the actual situation of customers. In different environments, the differential advantages of Volvo excavator chassis will appear. Wide chassis excavators are generally used in urban construction, while narrow chassis excavators are more suitable for roads with limited conditions to ensure strong road trafficability

"every time the service personnel visit, they will conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the chassis, hydraulic system, motor system, engine and other links of Volvo excavator". According to pengchuanhui, a service engineer of Chengdu Fusheng, the best equipment protection lies in prevention in advance, He said: "We will also troubleshoot hardware or small-scale faults, such as checking whether the large and small arms of Volvo excavator are cracked, so as to ensure that the equipment will not delay the construction period due to potential reasons. At the same time, we will also provide customers with training courses, such as having a deep understanding of the details of daily maintenance, driving habits, repair and maintenance skills of excavators, so as to help enterprises achieve sustainable operation and management from the perspective of operator ability Reason "

people oriented is the core of scientific development and the criterion for the humanization of professional services. In Volvo's business world, the era of independent product supply has long been out of date, and Volvo advocates all-round solutions. On this basis, Fusheng adheres to the quality concept of "caring from the heart and professional accompanying" of Volvo excavator, and injects human connotation into the service

Fusheng's Volvo excavator service personnel are in a group of three to four people, who keep in touch with customers and collect information at any time according to GPS, so as to find problems, deal with them in time and maintain routine maintenance. Relying on Volvo's 24-hour road rescue service, Fusheng also requires service personnel to keep on the machine and on standby for 24 hours. During the Ya'an earthquake in 2013, Volvo excavator took the first time with Chengdu Fusheng and other local dealers to make a rapid response, urgently coordinate sufficient equipment resources, and assign sales and customer service personnel to stand by at any time to "fully support the disaster relief work". A number of Volvo excavators with excellent quality also rushed into the disaster area, rushing to repair the Tianquan road section, Yingjing road section, Lingguan town to Baoxing county and other life channels, and delivering love relay in a timely and efficient manner

in the service field of how to sample the yield strength of the tensile strength testing machine for welded ring chain steel of construction machinery, the quality of service depends on the quality of service personnel, and the reserve and cultivation of talents is an important component of the competitiveness of enterprises. Concentration, patience and carefulness are the three basic requirements put forward by Fusheng to service personnel. Fusheng has two trainers in the company to conduct systematic training for service personnel on weekends. In addition, they will go to Shanghai Volvo Excavator Training Center for training and study every year. They never give up any opportunity to improve themselves. When encountering difficult technical problems, the technical manager will analyze them together with the service personnel to promote each other to improve their technical level

the person in charge of Fusheng said that the quality battle of Volvo excavator may only be at the beginning. Volvo's pursuit of high quality and strict standards is endless, but the technicians, salespeople and after-sales personnel of Volvo excavator have tightened the string of quality in the specific service process. It is precisely relying on the perfect pursuit of quality standards that the market share of Volvo excavator can rise steadily, In the excavator market in an invincible position

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