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Volvo penta launched a new glass cockpit system

on April 10, as a sponsor and partner of China International Yacht Show, Volvo penta appeared at the Shanghai yacht show and launched a new efficient glass cockpit system that links power drive and navigation in a unique way at the event site. Volvo panda's use of new technology system makes boat driving a relaxed and pleasant enjoyment. It not only provides yacht lovers with the opportunity to speed up and improve the new material industry system for a safer operation experience, but also enables you to control it quickly and freely even if you are a novice, especially showing the new height of its products in the development and application of high-tech navigation

the cockpit environment of any car brand is similar. As long as the driver presses a button gently, he can start the engine, electric devices and instruments without considering how it works. When driving a yacht, all this is not so simple. The newly launched glass cockpit system of Volvo Pentax is a comprehensive monitoring and control system with 3 test pieces; The new operation and control interface of cold drawn low-carbon steel wire solder joint meter has changed all this, making it easy for yacht drivers to start the engine and sail. It collects all the information about the operation of the boat, including warning and alarm information, and uses the high-tech display to present the relevant data in the cab, flyover bridge or somewhere else of the boat. The whole instrument panel is designed according to ergonomics. The button control on the display interface of the control system and the touch button on the screen can make the driver feel comfortable and convenient, and greatly improve the driver's control over the engine status and navigation system - relevant information can be integrated on one screen. At the same time, it also brings a simpler driving interface, which makes it easier for drivers to pay attention to the real-time driving environment and make judgments at critical moments

flexible and intuitive display screen

Volvo penta glass cockpit system has an elegant and customized appearance. The display screen is flexible and simple to operate, and supports finger scaling and other multi touch controls. The display screen integrates almost all functions on board; Maps, various sonar technologies, integrated autopilots, connectivity, applications, engine data, etc. drivers can choose which functions are displayed on the screen according to their preferences like playing, and freely adjust and distribute these functions on the display interface. Depending on the type and size of the vessel, one or more displays can be installed on the instrument panel. The size of the screen varies from 8 to 19 inches

integrated electronic control system

the glass cockpit system adopts a comprehensive EVC (electronic ship control) integrated processing system, which is Volvo panda's unique electronic operation platform. This means that multiple functions such as dynamic positioning system, intercepting wave board and automatic navigation can be fully monitored through the display screen. This also means that when the driver starts the yacht, it is as simple as driving a car. Press the button and all the displays will turn on at the same time. All the settings controlled by the driver (including instrument dimming) will start at the same time in the cab and the bridge. Smartmode controller allows you to switch all monitors from one mode to another at the same time, without manually switching each monitor. Display the information you need in the place you need

automatic guidance system

the unique automatic guidance function is one of the most useful functions of the glass cockpit system. By searching all relevant nautical charts, you can select and formulate a convenient path for the driver to avoid shallow water, buoys and other obstacles. Combined with Volvo penta automatic navigator, it can not only point out the direction, but also lead the driver to the destination

Volvo penta glass cockpit system is the result of cooperation with Garmin company. It combines the expertise of the two companies (Volvo penta software system and the new garmin8000 display system) to launch the innovative design of this driving environment, which opens a new instrument panel control world with certain creativity and compliance with the bridge surface. It is an engineering product produced under the specified settings. It is ergonomic, safe and feasible. All this is due to Volvo panda's understanding of ships and Volvo Group's intelligence in driving environment design. So that yacht players can not only easily drive, but also safely enjoy the physical and mental pleasure brought by the journey, which is their original intention to buy yachts

at the media meeting before the unveiling of the new products, GIO Peng, President of emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region of Volvo penta and head of Volvo penta global industrial machinery, said when answering questions from international ships that although the Chinese market economy was not ideal from last year to the beginning of this year, Volvo Penta has a good plan to serve the Chinese market. With Volvo Pentax increasing its penetration in the Chinese market and expanding its business volume in the Chinese market, the company's sales performance in the Chinese market has not been adversely affected. As the import volume of Western yachts in China has increased, in fact, the business volume in the Chinese market has not been reduced, but has increased

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