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Volvo launched ec75d excavator for the Chinese market

Volvo launched ec75d excavator for the Chinese market

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the 7-ton small excavator launched by Volvo Construction equipment not only has the industry-leading mining capacity, but also has excellent stability, easy maintenance and operation comfort

Volvo Construction equipment specially launched the new Volvo ec75d excavator for the Chinese market. It is the largest equipment among 7.4 ~ 7.8 ton heavy-duty small excavators. It is equipped with a wider and longer chassis than its competitors, ensuring excellent stability and lifting capacity, high ground clearance, and a wide range of work. Due to its large size, Volvo ec75d can use a larger bucket than the same level of machines to improve productivity

the boom and jib of Volvo ec75d are made of high-strength tensile steel, which can maximize the durability of the equipment and prolong the normal operation time of the equipment. In addition, Volvo ec75d adopts a side mounted boom, which can greatly improve the stability of the body and the field of vision of the working area. With excellent traction, Volvo ec75d can easily climb steep slopes and walk on rugged terrain. If the bulldozer is selected, it can be expected that Volvo ec75d can easily backfill and create scenery. At the same time, it can achieve a balance between turning torque and speed, and can complete tasks quickly and accurately even when working on slopes

even if it runs at full load

multi functional advanced cab

Volvo's industry-leading cab is equipped with large glass windows, so that the operator can have a panoramic view of the situation in the operation area. With the precise control device, the safety of the operation site can be greatly improved

thanks to the spacious and comfortable environment of the cab, easy to operate control devices, efficient indoor climate control system and vibration isolation and sound insulation function, ec75d operators can work safely and efficiently. A large i-ecu monitor is installed in the cab, which can clearly show the operating state of ec75d to the operators, so that they can firmly control the overall situation. Large monitors are also convenient for operators and maintenance personnel to quickly check and diagnose the status of the excavator, so as to prolong its normal operation time and improve productivity

scientific design with convenient overhaul

the inspection and maintenance of Volvo ec75d is easy and fast. First of all, the maintenance points of the machine are centralized, and technicians can easily overhaul the engine compartment through the fully openable hood. Secondly, through the front pedal, technicians can easily access the main hydraulic system maintenance point. In addition, a large tool box is placed on the front right side of the machine, where technicians can store tools and lubricating oil guns. Finally, the technician can check the hydraulic oil level from inside the cab

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main technical specifications:

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