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In the future, the development trend of web printing is obvious.

with the entry of the 21st century, the rise of web has become another important carrier of advertising. It has also become an important competitor of TV in the future. Especially in the past ten years, PC has entered daily life, making the coverage of the network from the urban area to the urban and rural areas. According to incomplete statistics, the number of people has reached 485million so far, and is showing a rapid growth trend. Network has also become the only media that can compete with TV in the future

with the development of economy, advertising has become a part of people's life. No matter what people think of advertising, it is undeniable that the existence of advertising really facilitates people's life. Just as Americans cannot live without Coca Cola, in the United States, advertising has become an indispensable thing for Americans

in short, advertising is advertising. Let most people know that advertising is the most important use. From newspapers, magazines to radio and television advertisements, they spread rapidly through many ways. Among them, the emergence of television makes advertising have a leap forward development, and also makes advertising gradually become a part of life. In the 1940s, film and television advertising began to appear in TV programs, and also set off a storm of film and television broadcasting. China's film and television advertising started in 1979. Although the development time is short, the speed is extremely rapid. By 2006, China's film and television advertising revenue has reached as high as 51.3 billion yuan. The domestic in mold label packaging market, which has been covered by solid ice for many years in the past two years, began to become active again. However, a 5-second video advertisement before the weather forecast after the joint broadcast in 1997 was as high as 320million yuan. The so-called inch second inch gold is nothing more than this

analyzing the development of film and television advertising, the reason for its rapid development is that it exceeds newspapers, magazines and radio. The most important thing is that the television audience is wide. The audience of the Spring Festival Gala on New Year's Eve reached more than 700million, which shows the communication efficiency of television. This also makes many enterprises advertise on TV

compared with film and television, network has its unique advantages

highly targeted. Compared with the radioactive broadcast of film and television advertising, online advertising can be promoted for specific groups. Take the industry where the author works as an example. As an ancient industry, the printing industry has been developing for a long time in China, but it is very strange to the general public. Therefore, enterprises in the printing industry should be selective in advertising. There is no need for the public to publicize, so they need to advertise through the network. Because there are some special problems in the network, the process realization: the experimental process, measurement, display and analysis are all completed by the microcomputer; Industry stations, such as Huicong printing, Huicong printing, and so on. People who need this will purchase through these stations. Therefore, only professional media can attract this source, and advertising in this media will receive response. Leidong said that the members of the research group have not spared no effort to achieve results

well differentiated. Film and television advertising must rely on TV programs, so there are deficiencies in the field segmentation but poor universality. The network is composed of many sites, which are very rich in resources, so many industries have rich areas of differentiation. Taking the printing industry as an example, the printing industry can be divided into packaging printing, book printing, special printing, etc. different directions correspond to different markets. The subdivision of the field makes the direction stronger and the advertising more effective

lower price. Low price is the core advantage of online advertising. Compared with millions of film and television advertising expenses. Network advertising has higher advantages in both production cost and promotion cost

the net advertising revenue of Phoenix in the third quarter was 126.2 million yuan (about US $19.8 million), an increase of 155.8% year-on-year. The growth was mainly driven by the number of advertisers and the average income per advertiser. In the third quarter, the number of advertisers increased to 292, a year-on-year increase of 23.7%. In the third quarter, the average revenue per advertiser increased to 432000 yuan (about 67700 US dollars), an increase of 106.7% year-on-year, mainly due to the continued increase of advertising investment by advertisers in Phoenix Station and Phoenix. The company expects the net advertising revenue in the fourth quarter to be RMB 135million to 145million, and the advertising revenue in 2011 is expected to achieve a year-on-year growth of 125%

it can be seen that the development trend of web printing in the future is obvious

in the first half of 2011, the global online advertising market reached US $36.14 billion. With the further popularization of e-commerce in Chinese enterprises, China's digital media advertising will also have a blowout growth

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