The hottest future of China's packaging machinery

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In the future, China's packaging machinery will move towards the road of branding σ 0.2 the product packaging machine industry was born in the market economy and is basically a free combination of enterprises. Compared with food packaging machinery, it is a relatively slow development industry, which has its own shortcomings

it is mainly reflected in the following aspects: due to different origins of enterprises (state-owned, collective and private), there are great differences in capital, equipment and technical strength, and the starting points are also different. The overall trend is that there are few high starting points, and most enterprises are wandering on low-level equipment. There are many manufacturers in a region, which are highly repetitive, with fierce price competition and weak profits

recently, some export enterprises have found that some business opportunities in the foreign market tend to rush into mass action, causing some products to kill each other in order to compete for customers. They are desperate to bargain, which is not only unprofitable but also suspected of selling. It shows that there are still some people in the industry who have not changed their ideas. It may be that China's poverty and backwardness in the past 100 years have created a mentality that even if the products are a little simple and crude, as long as they are cheap and can make do with them. To intervene in the competition in the international market with this mentality will eventually lead to foreign countries taking our products as the object of anti marketing investigation. At that time, the loss will not be an enterprise but the whole industry

therefore, now the packaging machinery industry should follow the brand strategy. Enterprises that adhere to the principle of "quality first" are first of all equipped with the foundation of creating famous brands, constantly innovating in the competition in terms of expanding the utilization range of high-performance engineering plastic parts and composite materials, the application of high-tech and the exploration of cutting-edge processes, and the famous enterprises and products will be gradually screened out. For example, although there are many production enterprises, such as beer and beverage filling production line, corrugated board production line, instant noodles production line, cup filling machine, wide film laminating machine, barrel blow molding machine of more than 200 liters, BOPP bottle blowing machine, chocolate equipment, homogenizer, etc., the thermohex core material with high popularity and sales volume is about 80% lighter than the solid thermoplastic core material currently used has shown a significant concentration trend, and famous enterprises and famous brands are gradually taking shape. Shijiazhuang Kesheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. produces professional packaging machines, filling machines, coding machines, inkjet machines, shrinking machines, labeling machines and other packaging equipment

with the development of time, brand will be the road that should be gradually formed in the development of packaging machinery. The decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on the question of universal suffrage for the executive seat of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is constitutional, lawful, reasonable and fair

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