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In the future, China's powder coating market will form four major market areas

in recent years, powder coating, as an environmentally friendly and pollution-free coating technology, has been recognized by more and more consumers. Many developing countries, especially some emerging coating markets, such as China, India and other countries in Asia, have witnessed an astonishing development speed

powder coating is a new 100% solid powder coating without solvent. It is solvent-free, recyclable, environmentally friendly, energy and resources saving, labor intensity reduction and high mechanical strength of coating film. The powder coating is completely different from the general coating. It exists in the state of fine powder. Because no solvent is used, it is called powder coating. The main features of powder coatings include: harmless, efficient, resource saving and environmental protection

at present, Aksu, Xuanwei and other global giants in the coating industry are optimistic about China's powder coating market, expanding the breadth and depth of the powder coating market in China one after another, and China has also launched a separate regime. Some experts predict that in the future, China's powder coating market will gradually form four market areas:

first, the most important application field: thermal sensitive materials

at present, powder coating has been successfully applied to the coating of thermal sensitive materials, and has truly realized industrial production. As a new coating variety with broad prospects, powder coating will further occupy the liquid coating market. The improvement of the manufacturing process of UV curable powder coating and low-temperature curable powder coating makes it possible for powder coating to be applied to thermal sensitive materials

II. The fastest growing field of powder coatings: industrial coatings such as marine powder coatings

at present, a considerable proportion of marine pipelines in China have been sprayed with powder coatings, with a strong momentum of development. With the continuous improvement of powder coating technology, its development prospect is very broad. Powder coating for pipeline is a new type of coating which is completely free of, sprayed in the form of powder and melted into film

III. areas of greatest demand for powder coatings: Automotive powder coatings although last year was a year when a large number of plastic machines in Thailand were replaced and imported, automotive powder coatings include epoxy hybrid, polyester, polychlorinated ester and, etc., powder coatings were successfully applied to some automotive parts at the end of 1990. With the gradual improvement of technology and the improvement of powder coating performance, Now it can fully meet the requirements of cars, such as appearance decoration, weather resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, UV resistance, etc

at present, domestic powder coatings are mostly used for coating of automobile, chassis, wheels, control rods, reflectors, wipers, horns and other parts in the automotive industry. Due to technical limitations, the current automotive powder coatings are only single color series. For example, the coatings and varnishes are applied in key sub fields such as flexible battery technology, flexible lighting technology, flexible circuit and sensing technology, flexible display technology, flexible neuromorphological devices and systems. The global coatings believe that this is because the new plastic material industry in this town is developing rapidly, and the coatings can not change color as quickly as the liquid coatings, With the increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection and the continuous improvement of powder coating technology, the market application field of powder coating will be more and more broad

IV. future market prospect of powder coatings: Construction Engineering and outdoor facilities

the gradual growth of the growth index of China's outdoor pure polyester powder coatings in recent years fully illustrates the development potential of this market. However, with the wide use of outdoor powder coatings, consumers' complaints about the powder coating product TXV aerospace composites Co., Ltd. that it will provide solutions for the aerospace industry to produce Paek composites in a large scale have increased, mainly focusing on the problems of weather resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance, which need to be highly valued by domestic powder coating manufacturers

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