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The future packaging industry and its added value are controversial

[China Packaging News] recently, a conference on packaging and internal logistics attended by important industries was held in Paris. However, six months before the conference, the technical committee of the alliance of packaging experts from the 2014 Paris International Packaging Industry Exhibition debated the future packaging industry and its added value. At a working meeting chaired by Annette freidinger legay, the consultant of the industrial exhibition, the members of the committee expressed their views. They pointed out that "People in the industry will continue to think about the future of the packaging industry.

what is the future of the packaging industry? The answer given by experts is clever. Cleverness includes the design and function of packaging bags. No. 3. Zigzag toothed bar: the packaging bags straightened or replaced with toothed bars should be flexible, balanced and adjustable. In addition, they can change their original use according to the actual situation. In terms of ergonomics, the future packaging bags will be Prompt the user about the usage of the product tangentially; If possible, it should remind users when to use the product

however, they said that the packaging industry should also be sustainable. The ecological footprint of the components of the packaging bag shall be made public and limited accordingly. The economies of scope brought about by bags will not be a major problem in waste disposal, as bags will be made of 100% recyclable and degradable materials. This will also apply to all components of the supply chain

according to experts, the added value of emotional content is the essence, especially for the e-commerce transportation and packaging industry, and the latest printing technology will also benefit from it. In addition, transforming packaging into an information platform about products, packaging itself and its life cycle can immediately generate added value. Comprehensive and accurate information will make a substantial contribution to providing consumer information and educating consumers

strong isolation, real-time tracking, mutual interaction, manufacturer's instruction, rich information - products will be used perfectly, and food will be preserved in the best way, so as to reduce waste. The weather resistance and heat aging resistance of the packaging bag are better than SBS to ensure food safety, even without the use of refrigeration equipment. In the medical industry, packaging will support the smooth treatment of patients, which is what hospitals and pharmacies expect. In the field of e-commerce, packaging bags will adapt to those goods that need packaging and can be reused every day

the measures proposed by the alliance of packaging experts have once again promoted the recycling capacity of the packaging industry, because some structures will simplify the separation and classification process of materials, and also make it easy to use 100% recyclable raw materials. Therefore, according to the experts, the key point is that the packaging industry should develop in the direction of reusable. This makes the packaging bag have the meaning of eternal value, and the packaging bag should be reused in daily life

therefore, in the Paris International Packaging Industry Exhibition, the future of the packaging industry and the development blueprint of its added value have been determined. Many related measures will be discussed in the exhibition activities and TV special programs in the 2014 Paris International Packaging Industry Exhibition

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