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Used to be an accessory in ceramic tiles &mdash& mdash; Tiles, like accessories on clothes, make the finishing touch on space

refuse monotony, use a few tiles as decorations, simple elements can also create novel and unique visual effects, and the space becomes vivid

or use tiles to pave a background wall, so that the original monotonous wall can also tell rich stories, showing the owner's personality

but recently, it seems that tiles are no longer willing to be a supporting role, and there has been a great revolution

for the new generation of urban white-collar workers, it is inevitable to pursue the fashionable and romantic petty bourgeoisie sentiment in home decoration. More and more tiles are used in the large-area paving of living rooms, bedrooms and bathroom rooms. The colorful and brilliant tiles deduce all kinds of possibilities. As long as they are matched appropriately, you can choose Mediterranean style, South Asian style, and even the most dazzling national style

some people's appreciation of tiles lies in the strong artistic atmosphere contained in those beautiful and colorful textures. Therefore, tiles are also very popular in theme restaurants, bars and stores, bringing guests into the preset situational atmosphere, and consuming not only goods, but also feelings

who says bricks must go up the wall and down the ground? Personalized tiles can also be used in your unexpected space, always giving you a bright surprise

for example, on the stairs:

or on the tea table:

even on household appliances, it can bring more fun to life:

such a space is really lively and interesting, which makes people very happy





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