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Sandic real stone paint, also known as sandic imitation stone paint or stone paint, belongs to the scope of synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural paint, but the aggregate gradation used in the paint is more reasonable than that of the past colored sand paint, with richer colors, more realistic shapes, more delicate construction methods and a wider range of applications. Sandic stone paint is a coating product with strong artistic texture in architectural coatings. The construction process is as follows:

1. Base surface treatment

the wall needs a certain period of maintenance before the base surface treatment. Before applying putty, the loose, peeling, hollowed and powdered base course shall be completely removed, and then the dust, oil and other pollutants shall be removed. Repair the wall with external wall putty, level the first part, fill large holes and gaps with putty or filler glue, Polish locally after the putty is dry, and then apply full putty to make the base level. After the putty is completely dry, polish it to make the base level. Because the real stone paint has a certain thickness, the requirement for the flatness of the base course is not as high as that of thin flat coating

2. Brush the sealing primer

after the putty is completely dry, brush the sealing primer once. Generally, the sealing primer does not need to be diluted with additional diluent. Its purpose is to clean the base course and increase the strength of the base course and the bonding strength of the coating film. Generally, roller coating is used for construction, and spraying construction can also be used

3. Spraying solid color primer

the purpose of spraying colored primer is to make the color of substrate consistent. It can effectively avoid the blooming phenomenon caused by the transparent coating of stone paint, and can also reduce the amount of stone paint, so as to achieve a good decorative effect of uniform color. The base course coloring treatment material is mainly externally applied thin emulsion paint with good adhesion, durability and water resistance. According to the color of the natural stone or the color of the template, the color of the paint should be as close as possible to the color of the real stone paint itself. The paint must be painted evenly, and there must be no missing parts or bottom exposed parts. Generally, it is painted twice. In order to achieve the decorative effect of imitating stone and facilitate the construction operation, the real stone paint can be painted and sprayed in divisions, and the selected base coloring paint can be painted on the division joints. When spraying on the large surface, the division joints should be completely covered or scraped

4. Spraying real stone paint

senedick real stone paint generally does not need to add water, and can be adjusted with a small amount of water when necessary, but during spraying, attention should be paid to controlling the consistency of product construction viscosity, and the air pressure, nozzle size, distance, etc. should be strictly consistent. Construction shall be stopped in windy weather

the construction of senedick real stone paint is difficult. If it is not well controlled, the film is easy to produce local blooming. Therefore, when spraying genuine stone paint, pay attention not to finish the gun out and gun in on the wall being sprayed; And the moving speed of the spray gun should be uniform; For the edge of each spraying range, repeat 1/3 on the previously sprayed range edge, and the width of the bonding should be consistent; Keep the film thin and uniform

the key to the construction of senedick real stone paint lies in the proper consistency of the paint. The first coat is sprayed with a slightly thinner paint, and the second coat is sprayed after it is uniform and dry. When spraying the second coat of paint, the paint is slightly thicker and thicker. When the material of the spray bucket is sprayed, blow the sprayed finish with the sprayed air flow to make the corrugated pattern closer to the stone effect. If you want to achieve the decorative effect of marbling, you can use the double nozzle spray bucket construction, and spray two colors at the same time, or use the single nozzle spray bucket to spray two colors respectively, so as to achieve the decorative effect of overlapping colors and appearing as if hidden

5. Spraying varnish

in order to protect the finish, increase gloss, improve pollution resistance and enhance the overall decorative effect, after the coating is sprayed, the surface treatment is carried out and the varnish is sprayed. After the real stone paint is completely dry (generally maintained for at least 3 days in sunny days), the gloss varnish can be sprayed. During construction, an appropriate amount of diluent can be added, and attention should be paid to maintaining the consistency of viscosity, air pressure, nozzle size, and preventing sagging

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