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Yulia people come from classicism and live in the past. They skillfully combine European classics, cartoon world and Oriental cultural characteristics, and successfully develop and design plain, elegant and fashionable embroidery upholstery products

embroidery upholstery, in a popular sense, refers to the successful integration of embroidery technology into upholstery products by using modern technology and processing technology, making it become the layer decoration of upholstery fabric, and finally making it into the finished upholstery block of the finished product or the finished upholstery of the overall layout

reshape classic

embroidered soft bags, as the new territories of the soft clothing industry, were very popular at the beginning of listing. It has gradually become the development direction of soft packaging industry design. Yulia is the founder of Chinese embroidery upholstery. On the basis of traditional craft, Yulia comes from classicism and combines the past with the present. It skillfully combines European classics, cartoon world and Oriental embroidery culture to achieve a simple, elegant and fashionable upholstery embroidery style. Its embroidered soft bags have many styles and a wide range of products, which are elegant and generous. The unique and wonderful design perfectly reproduces the brand belief of Yulia

style classification

after launching the concept of embroidery upholstery, Yulia company has successively developed and designed embroidery upholstery products of various styles. Each style of embroidery gives people a different taste

first, Chinese style

integrates Chinese traditional culture for thousands of years into modern fashion, which has both Chinese classical charm and modern simple style. This style adds a fashionable and classical charm to the modern Chinese home soft decoration design in China

second, European style

is very rich in the characteristics of European traditional art and culture. The whole style is not only luxurious, but also elegant, which not only highlights the luxury and wealth of its royal garden, but also gives full play to its quiet and restrained elegance

III. fashion style

fashion, which is a combination of beauty and flexibility, has been perfectly explained in upholstery embroidery works. The simple static beauty and the flexible internal refinement are just like the fine water flowing through the forest, quiet and beautiful

IV. Roman style

this is a mysterious and romantic Italian Roman style. This style of soft decoration undoubtedly turns life into an art. Walking into such a style of bedroom and club is fascinating

v. cartoon world style

whether it's a funny cartoon or a fascinating beautiful night sky, there is a protagonist in children's inner world. Cartoon Style Embroidered soft bag brings every child's dream into life




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