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The house to be introduced below is located in San Diego in the southwest of the United States, but it is decorated with a strong oriental Zen style. Here, black pines, streams, emerald bamboos, the river bed and the pond behind the house all make people feel a remote sense of mystery, full of the charm and tranquility of Oriental Zen. When you come here, you can't help being infected by the calm and soothing here. Walking along the courtyard path, the feeling of tranquility will wrap you in a harmonious atmosphere, and the pressure and irritability will immediately fade. It can be said that it is quiet and far away, enough to wash away the dust attached to the noisy world

the fresh breath close to nature every morning, a few warm rays of dawn gently shine on the side wall of the house through the clouds. Gradually, the sunlight increased and painted the periphery of the house with a bright color. Hummingbirds with thin wings gently crossed the water surface of the pond and fell on the gravel road in the courtyard in front of the door. This quiet and peaceful garden, even the most hurried passers-by, can't resist the invitation smell emanating here. They can't help but stop, walk in, meditate, and then rest. The owner said: “ Hummingbirds like the fountains here very much& rdquo; He installed a spray nozzle on the smooth yellow granite roof, which made the whole house look hazy like a water curtain hole. He pointed to the running bamboo pipe in the courtyard not far away and added: “ Little sparrows and pigeons also like the fountain over there& rdquo; The walls of the tea room are painted with pink gray mud, and the interior is equipped with Citi pine furniture, bamboo and wood floors and partitions that can be opened left and right. Create the artistic conception of the Oriental garden. When the owner and his wife renovated the house, they invited the landscape designer to help transform a Xanadu that can escape the mundane world. The designer proposed to design this place into a Zen courtyard with Asian style, so that it has both the simplicity and quietness of the Oriental Garden and the freshness of the forests in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean. The appearance of this house looks like the best representative of craftsman style architecture. Architects of the early arts and crafts movement like to integrate Asian elements into their works, especially their emphasis on simple lines, naturalistic style and frank craftsmanship. The first place on the list of needs of the householder and his wife is a waterscape multifunctional tea room: The hostess wants a place where yoga can be done, and their two daughters want a game room, hoping that the tea room can have both functions. As a talented craftsman, the owner decided to challenge himself and build several other small courtyard buildings around the tea room. For him, carpentry is a way to release pressure and a rest. However, doing meticulous carpentry is one thing, but designing the whole courtyard landscape is another thing. Shrubs surround the gurgling stream. Although the site to be reconstructed is only 50 feet wide, the primary goal of the design is to ensure a comfortable space for the tea room, so we should give priority to the pond, the designer said: “ The last thing we want to see is that the pond is surrounded by houses and teahouses. Against this level, the pond will appear very small, so we can only reduce the size of the pond& rdquo; The designer arranged a stream and a miniature waterfall to flow into the pond, which also moistened the surrounding vegetation in the process of flowing. A path paved with stones crosses the courtyard and meets the running water next to it, connecting the teahouse with several other buildings. In front of the courtyard, a Y-shaped dry riverbed connects with a low wall with low inclination. The garden view of the owner and his wife depends on evergreen plants and shrubs with prominent branches and leaves. Purplish red long leafed shrubs mixed with blue gray grass; Tall, dense evergreen plants and rough touch juniper shrubs mixed together, coupled with bright, smooth boxwood and Tung flowers, constitute a harmonious pattern of color. If you want to create a garden view, you must plan carefully in advance. The designer emphasized: “ Before planting shrubs and plants, you must carefully measure them. It's good to create a sense of isolation, but pay attention not to make people feel suffocated& rdquo; If you neglect occasionally, too large shrubs will affect the landscape construction. This courtyard satisfies all the wishes of the owner and his wife. The owner said: “ My favorite courtyard moment is in the morning. When everything on the earth is still stained with sleepy dew, I can enjoy the beauty of plants. When I came home at night, I settled everything and went out of the room to enjoy the fish in the pond. This is the best place to start and end a good day& rdquo; Huge wood and bamboo stand beside the narrow aisle of the courtyard, behind which is a slightly boring outer wall, so this bamboo forest can also act as a low-cost barrier





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