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The color of the bedroom door and the color of the TV background wall combine to form a unified visual impression, hiding the bedroom in invisibility; The background wall of the bare brick sofa with clear texture, together with the black leather sofa and the long strip tea table made of metal, makes people feel fresh with the simplicity and natural flavor of the American rural style... Enjoy the following group of small house decoration design renderings, and have a look at the charm of this small couple

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decoration community: Poly Lanhai county (more decoration renderings of poly Lanhai county) decoration company: Decoration bidding decoration house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: American Rural contract amount: 50000

bare brick sofa background wall with clear texture, black leather sofa and metal strip coffee table, The simplicity and natural flavor of American rural style make people feel refreshing, and it makes people feel as wonderful as passing through time and space. The emerald green TV background wall in the effect drawing of small house decoration design is a heavy painting of the living room. The imitation fireplace design shows the beauty of foreign lands, and the unified green brings a consistent and harmonious visual impression, making the field of vision more extensible

in the effect drawing of small house decoration design, the refrigerator door and bedroom door juxtaposed with the TV background wall are emerald green. The unified color makes itself integrated with the TV background wall, which "hides" the bedroom and refrigerator well, which helps to extend the field of vision and ensures the tidiness and order of the space

the light green bedside background wall glows with natural spring like vitality and vitality, brimming with positive power, giving people a sense of physical and mental pleasure. With the white solid wood double bed and the supporting bedside table, the freshness and elegance of the European pastoral style are inadvertently presented, and the whole bedroom space appears quiet and elegant, creating a comfortable sleeping atmosphere

although the small bedroom in the figure belongs to the same rural style decoration design as the previous one, its style is very different. With the clear texture of bare brick background wall, clay colored storage cabinet and other indoor furniture and decoration, this bedroom is obviously closer to a kind of local beauty, showing the original local flavor everywhere, which makes people have a sense of calm away from the hustle and bustle

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