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As a world for collecting happiness, children's room plays an indispensable role in carrying the beauty of childhood - as colorful as a rainbow, it is a fairy tale world of whimsical ideas, an interesting paradise for painting and playing games at any time, and the initial cradle of great dreams

wanton pasting and painting

don't blame the child for the messy graffiti on the wall. This may be his first step into the ranks of artists. Childhood is a golden time to cultivate creativity, and a small children's room should be the first space for children to give full play to their imagination and create heartily

how to create if there is enough space, you can leave a wall in the children's room as a small world for children to paste and paint and create heartily; Or just a corner and a drawing board can make their rich imagination come true. Decorate the children's room with wall stickers and colored cloth DIY, which can better cultivate children's creativity and action

1. The blackboard paint shows its personality from childhood. The plush texture and color contrast of cartoon not only do not appear terrifying and abrupt, but also make the children's room full of fun and creativity. The blackboard paint at the head of the bed can also provide painting space and highlight the unique personality of the little owner. IKEA

2, peach heart and butterfly Sweet Paradise

pink peach hearts and dancing butterflies are the little girls' favorites. These shapes DIY into cute stickers, which can be pasted on chandeliers or sewn on curtains at will, can increase the sweetness index for the warm Princess Room. Yada fabric wallpaper

3. Small pasteboard fantasy big world

there is not enough space for children to paste and draw. Just use bright cloth to create a pasteboard that can be placed at will. Paste the DIY works in children's fantasy on it casually, which can also become a beautiful scenery in children's room. Yada fabric wallpaper

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