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Curtains are necessary soft goods at home. A suitable curtain plays a great role in creating a room atmosphere. It can also provide light blocking, sound insulation and other functions for our life. Choosing curtains is also exquisite. The pattern color, size and material of curtains need to be considered

curtains protect our privacy well in our life, and also isolate the dazzling light at night and in the morning. Curtains are used in bedrooms, kitchens, bathroom rooms, study rooms and living rooms at home, so it is necessary for everyone to understand the purchase methods of curtains, so as to buy all the required curtains at one time and do not have to run to the building materials market many times. Next, Xiaobian will teach you the most comprehensive curtain purchasing strategies in detail

I. color

curtains occupy a large area in the indoor space. The color selection of curtains should match the hue of indoor walls, floors and display furniture, so that the visual effect of the whole space can be more unified and coordinated

when the walls are white, ivory white and other light colors, and the furniture is yellow and gray, the curtain color can be orange, which is more fashionable and novel; The walls are light blue, the furniture is light yellow, and the curtains can choose white background and blue color; The walls are yellow and light yellow, the furniture is purple, black and brown, and the curtains should choose noble and elegant colors such as yellow and golden yellow, which plays a very important role in highlighting the fashion taste of the whole space

the walls are light lake green, the furniture is yellow, green and coffee, and the curtains can be matched with medium green and grass green

in the choice of curtain color, we should also take full account of the use of the room. The curtain in the living room is mainly dark, which is atmospheric and solemn. It is best to choose some dark flowers or plain colors in the old people's room. In the room of newlyweds, you can choose bright and strong colors, which can add a happy atmosphere to a certain extent. The bright color curtain can be placed in the children's room, highlighting its lively and lively personality characteristics

second, fabrics

the progress of people's aesthetic awareness and technological level has led to the continuous increase of curtain material types. Cotton, silk, silk, Georgette, nylon, linen and other fabrics can be seen everywhere in the market. Cotton curtain is soft and comfortable, silk curtain is noble and elegant, silk curtain is magnificent, beaded curtain is crystal clear, gauze curtain is soft and elegant, hemp curtain is natural and simple, and so on. Each kind of curtain has its own merits

(1) bathroom and kitchen

it is best to choose some practical, easy to clean and lightweight fabrics in the application of curtain materials, and the style is mainly simple and smooth

(2) living room and dining room

you can choose luxurious, gorgeous, rich and high-quality fabrics, and make appropriate matching in style production according to the space decoration style

(3) bedroom

bedroom space is an important place to rest, especially in the selection of curtains. The selection of fabrics must be thick, light tight and warm, which can effectively ensure the concealment of life and sleep comfort

(4) study

in the selection of curtain fabric, we must ensure its light transmittance and brightness, and it is best to use elegant colors to make people feel stable and conducive to daily work and study

(5) seasonal differences

seasonal factors also need to be considered in the selection of curtain fabrics. In summer, curtains should use soft fabrics such as yarn and silk to ensure that they are breathable and cool; In winter, thick woolen fabrics should be selected to ensure the warmth of indoor space; Satin, velvet, jacquard fabric and lace decoration will give people a sense of elegance, elegance and magnificence. Corduroy, checkered cloth, earth cloth, etc. create a comfortable natural atmosphere. In the choice of curtains, do not choose some smooth and shiny fabrics, which is easy to reflect light and stimulate eyes

III. patterns

curtain patterns are rich and colorful, mainly including two types: Abstract (geometric) such as square, circle, straight line, slash, stripe and other geometric shapes, and natural material patterns such as animals, plants, scenery, mountains and rivers. When choosing curtain patterns, we must follow the requirement that the patterns should not be too trivial, and fully consider the visual effect after pleating. The curtain pattern had better not choose the inclined plane, which will make people's line of sight inclined. If the floor distance is large, you can choose the horizontal pattern. People of different ages like different patterns. The curtain patterns in the living room should be simple and atmospheric. Children's rooms can choose some small animals, cartoons and other patterns. The curtain patterns in young people's rooms are mainly bold and open, and the curtain patterns in old people's rooms should preferably be quiet, comfortable and comfortable

IV. size

the size of the curtain is also particularly important for the selection of curtains. The length of the curtain must be a little longer than the windowsill, which can prevent the curtain from being lifted by the wind and expose privacy. The width of the curtain depends on the width of the window and is coordinated with the size of the wall. If the window is narrow, you can choose a wider curtain to block both sides as if there were extra walls. If the curtain is to be pleated or double-layer, its size will also change. Pleating can create a dynamic rhythmic beauty, and double-layer curtain has a unique charm

v. style

appropriate curtain style must match the window type. Half window is also called waist window. The height of this kind of window is about the waist of a person, and it is usually located at a height of about 90cm from the floor. There are mainly two kinds of half window in current housing construction: vertical window and horizontal window

that's all for the curtain shopping strategy. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information

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