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Xinhua news agency, Nanchang, August 23, Title: the blank price is 11700, and the decoration price is nearly 8000 -- Investigation on "high price decoration" of some limited price buildings in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province

Xinhua News Agency Reporter Yu Xianhong

the blank price is 11700 yuan per square meter, and the decoration price is 7990 yuan per square meter; The blank price is 7300 yuan per square meter, and the decoration price is 4700 yuan per square meter... Recently, the "high price decoration" of some limited price buildings in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province has caused great market controversy, and some buyers teased. Is this the rhythm of buying decoration and giving away houses

what does the decoration of nearly 8000 yuan per square meter look like

recently, the reporter came to the Sales Office of the "three limited housing" (limited house price, limited object and limited transfer) project Xinli Dongyuan (recorded as "Zhenyuan") located in Longhushan Avenue, Honggutan new area, Nanchang. The real estate consultant said that the project was a luxury building in Nanchang, and the average price of new houses was about 18000 yuan, of which the decoration price was at least 7000 yuan per square meter

the commodity pre-sale plan released by Nanchang real estate information network also shows that the project opened on June 23 this year, in which the blank price of Building 5 and building 6 is 11700 yuan per square meter, and the decoration price is 7990 yuan per square meter. At this price, the decoration cost of a 110 square meter new house with three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms is as high as 878900 yuan, comparable to the house price. If the occupancy rate is 80%, the actual decoration cost per square meter is nearly 10000 yuan

What does the decoration with more than 800000 yuan look like? In the model room of the project, the real estate consultant repeatedly said that in addition to the hard decoration, the project also includes "selling points" such as central air conditioning, fresh air system, floor heating, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, and the owner can "move in with a bed". "We are luxury clothes. A dishwasher alone is worth twoorthree yuan." The real estate consultant emphasized

a delivery standard list of 110 square meters of house type decoration provided by the real estate consultant shows that the indoor decoration of the project mainly includes 9 aspects, such as indoor, ground, wall, ceiling, doors, windows, cabinet system, cleaning system, strong and weak electricity. Among them, it does not include sofa, wardrobe, tables and chairs, beds, household appliances and other "large soft clothing"

is the decoration cost of 700000 yuan really worth it? A professional who has been engaged in decoration design for more than 20 years said after reading the decoration list: "if it is calculated at 7000 yuan per square meter, let's do it. It's not only hard decoration, but also more than enough to include all the daily furniture and household appliances. If the top grid configuration is carried out according to the decoration delivery list, it only needs about 2000 yuan per square meter."

is there "something else" behind the high price decoration

the reporter learned that among the five "three limited housing" projects that have been opened in Nanchang, there have been two disputes over high price decoration, and only one clearly stipulates that the price of fine decoration is not higher than 3500 yuan per square meter. According to the pre-sale plan of xinlilan Bay (named as "yuxiuwan community" for the record) project, located at No. 69, Huanggu Road, economic development zone, Nanchang, the blank price of buildings 8, 15 and 16 of the project is 7300 yuan per square meter, and the decoration price is also as high as 4700 yuan per square meter

the reporter learned that since October 1 last year, Nanchang has taken measures to limit house prices, objects and transfers in the sales and transfer of commercial housing (including commercial housing) projects that transfer land for development and construction by "limiting house prices and competing for land prices". At the same time, the "three limited housing" should give priority to meeting the housing purchase needs of adult residents who have no self owned housing in the city's registered residence, that is, the "rigid demand"

taking Xinli Dongyuan project as an example, the reporter learned from the land transfer instructions of the project that the upper limit of the sales price (average price) of the controlled houses of the houses built on the parcel of land is 11700 yuan per square meter. The construction cost of the project released by Nanchang Xinming Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., a development enterprise, shows that the average cost of commercial housing per square meter of construction area is 11179 yuan per square meter. This means that if only the upper limit of blank price is sold, the profit margin of the project is only 531 yuan per square meter, and the profit margin is about 4.45%

many insiders believe that due to the "ceiling" of blank prices, high decoration prices and bundled parking spaces have become important areas for developing enterprises to make profits and avoid price limits

netizen "Xiaogang" commented that the original intention of "three limited houses" is to protect rigid needs, while "decorating luxury houses" is not only against the original intention, but also may exclude rigid needs. In the interview, a real estate consultant at Xinli Dongyuan Sales Office said, "there are many people buying small houses. When pricing, the smaller the house type, the higher the average price, and the larger the house type, the lower the average price."

who decides the price of fully decorated houses

relevant experts believe that fully decorated housing is in line with the general trend of green building development, but it cannot be reduced to a means of increasing prices at will and breaking through the price limit policy. At the same time, the gap between the decoration price and the actual decoration standard may also lay hidden dangers for the contradiction between owners and development enterprises

in fact, the sales of fully decorated houses are not completely unregulated. The reporter learned that in March this year, Nanchang City has issued clear regulations requiring the determination of the decoration price of newly-built fully decorated houses. The development enterprise entrusts no less than three qualified real estate appraisal institutions to evaluate the decoration market price and take the average price as the decoration price at the time of sale. The decoration price agreed in the contract shall not be higher than the decoration price agreed in the decoration construction contract signed between the development enterprise and the decoration unit

however, from the actual situation, this "principled" provision did not effectively limit the "high price decoration style" of some local buildings. Mazhihui, director of the Economic Research Institute of the Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences, suggested that in the context of Resolutely Curbing the rise in house prices, in addition to strengthening daily supervision, more explicit supervision rules should be issued for the sales of new fully decorated houses, and the decoration price grade should be set reasonably according to the project level. Especially for rigid demand projects such as "three limited houses", the upper limit of decoration price should be clearly stipulated

the reporter learned that at present, some regions in China have introduced decoration price limits. For example, in July this year, Nanchang County issued a notice requiring the decoration price of rigid demand projects such as limited price houses and "three limited houses" to temporarily not exceed 3000 yuan per square meter

at the same time, some experts pointed out that for rigid demand projects, it is necessary to adjust the land transfer mode of "limited house price and competitive land price", reasonably set the upper limit of competitive land quotation, and curb the impulse of enterprises to avoid price limit under the pressure of "high land price and low house price" on the premise of ensuring the reasonable profits of enterprises





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