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Encounter one after another in the course of meeting, romantic and wonderful, fantasy and longing. Because of meeting, there are infinite possibilities, and countless beauties can be found. This midsummer, Jinfeng invites you to meet

meeting is always so beautiful

meeting the wind, meeting the rain, meeting you

encounter one after another in the encounter

romance and beauty, fantasy and longing

because of meeting, there are infinite possibilities

you will find countless beauty

this midsummer Jinfeng invites you to meet

time meets space

the past meets the future

Italian retro freehand style


modern minimalist space design

endows the home with fascinating magic

every encounter

triggers different sparks

the intersection of classical and modern

the combination of art and function

simplicity presents a different kind of nobility

everywhere reveals a strong sense of design

understand art, Understand life better

art makes life better

converge complex decoration

condense a more subtle and refined expression

depict the charm of life in the details

meet Jinfeng

meet a better home life

Jinfeng's every step

is constantly innovating and pursuing

only to create a healthy and comfortable home environment for you





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