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Research on the application of manufacturing execution system MES in China's tungsten industry


at present, some domestic tungsten processing enterprises have successively established ERP systems and started the process of enterprise management informatization. Due to the lack of the support of MES system directly connected with the process control layer, the ERP system cannot grasp the actual production situation of the workshop and the whole plant in time, and the real-time management effect and strength are difficult to meet the requirements. Some foreign advanced manufacturing enterprises have increasingly unified the information structure under the framework of erp/mes/pcs, making the enterprise management system and production execution system highly information-based, and MES plays an increasingly important core and key role in enterprise information. Because MES has obvious industry characteristics and is closely related to the management mode of enterprises, the functional architecture of MES of various enterprises is different, and the research and promotion of MES in China is still in its infancy

Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group engaged in the exploitation and deep processing of tungsten resources in China. In order to expand the deep processing of tungsten products and become the most competitive tungsten production enterprise at home and abroad, Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Group Co., Ltd. is implementing an ex situ technical transformation project of 3000t tungsten oxide powder, 2000t tungsten powder and 1000t tungsten carbide powder. The project has a high starting point, which can modernize production, informationize management and globalize operation. The production execution management system (MES) of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder is designed for the actual needs of the relocation technical transformation project. It is an important part of the company's integrated management. It can connect the company's original computer system, control the production sequence and coordination of the whole production line, ensure the smooth progress of production, and lay the foundation for the next level management system of the whole company

1 MES features and core functions

MES is a new concept about manufacturing enterprise informatization proposed by the American management community in the 1990s. It processes various complex problems in the production process in real time through planning monitoring, production scheduling, and real-time transmission of production process data, and plays a key role in informatization. If you can summarize the core functions of MES in one sentence, it is planning, scheduling and real-time processing. MES is located in the middle layer, and its characteristics are: ① it has industry characteristics, and it is most closely combined with process equipment. So far, there is no MES general product suitable for all industries in the world. ② It is the core link to realize the optimized operation and management of the production process. ③ It is the bridge between the transmission, transformation, processing and operation information and the concrete realization

MES functions in different industries vary greatly, but the core functions of MES can be summarized into four aspects (as shown in Figure 1)

Figure 1 the core functions of MES

(1) integrated design and system optimization. Integrated contract plan, material application plan, operation plan, delivery plan, warehouse transfer plan, product quality design, production design, material design, etc

(2) agile real-time data processing. Data is the foundation and life of MES. The information of MES should not only be complete, that is, the information that should be collected should be collected, but also have timeliness, timeliness and real-time. Manage by events and collect production performance in real time. The collection of all production events constitutes a production model of a real factory

(3) rapid response real-time scheduling. Provide means for emergency treatment of sudden failures, dynamically adjust the plan, and guide the operation

(4) real time monitoring of production status. It mainly monitors the operation condition of the equipment, the quality condition of the products in process, the progress of the contract, etc

2 main body design of MES system for tungsten processing enterprises

MES for tungsten processing enterprises is a bridge from enterprise business strategy to specific implementation. The microcomputer controlled universal experimental machine for thermal insulation materials produced by Shandong Sida high tech is specially designed for composite mortar thermal insulation system, polystyrene board thin plastering external wall thermal insulation system The external wall insulation system of rigid polyurethane foam composite board and other external wall insulation systems and roof insulation materials are tested and developed for various physical and chemical properties. It aims at the current situation of tungsten processing enterprises, such as production operation, production control and management information is not timely and complete, production and management are disconnected, and production command lags behind, Realize up-down connection between on-site control equipment and enterprise management level base, and build a whole industry chain platform from electrolytic copper to Zhongzhen copper based new materials, so as to realize seamless connection of data and information sharing; Through the whole production line, we can realize the integration of product and quality design, planning and logistics scheduling, production control and management, production cost prediction and optimization control, safety monitoring and maintenance of equipment status in the whole production process, so as to realize the comprehensive integration of information in the whole enterprise and the efficient and coordinated control and management of the whole production process

the system will cover the whole process management requirements from material purchase, batching, calcination, reduction, carbonization, processing to product sales. Fully integrate lean production and 6sigma management ideas and methods, as well as the excellent management experience of domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises. Through the transparency of the production process and the refinement of management, enterprises can realize the real-time monitoring and comprehensive traceability of the product manufacturing process, enterprise level application integration, continuously improve the product quality, shorten the delivery time, continuously improve customer satisfaction, and create an excellent manufacturing enterprise

the relocation technical transformation project mainly includes four auxiliary plants, including tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder main workshop and circulating water pump room, gas supply station (hydrogen, nitrogen, compressed air), oxygen filling station and high-voltage power distribution station, one warehouse and one office laboratory building. In order to realize the control and management of the production process, the MES system is designed for its core production process. Specifically, it includes automatic feeding, continuous operation and automatic control of process technology of tungsten oxide calcining rotary tube electric furnace; Tungsten oxide powder adopts one-stage reduction to produce coarse, medium and fine tungsten powder; The atmosphere control and temperature control in the tungsten powder reduction furnace can effectively control the particle size and particle size distribution of tungsten powder; When heating and carbonizing in the full-automatic aluminum wire carbonization furnace, the furnace temperature is controlled with high precision, which requires good temperature uniformity and free particle size control; Coarse, medium and fine particles are completely produced in separate lines, which fundamentally solves the problem of material mixing and coarsening in the filter device in the factory; Tungsten carbide powder adds the air crushing process to the existing process, and the particle size is uniform, which can further ensure the quality of tungsten carbide powder. Its core production process is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 production process flow of tungsten carbide powder

the functional structure of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder production execution management system (MES) is shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 tungsten carbide powder MES function module

3 main functions and technical characteristics of tungsten processing enterprise MES

3.1 main functions

(1) strong integrated planning function and real-time dynamic optimization function

(2) it has strong integration with ERP system and PCS system

(3) it can be widely used in various production lines of tungsten processing enterprises, including plate, wire rod, type tungsten, tungsten tube, etc. it is worth noting that different production lines and various processes such as single process, multi process, direct hot charging and hot delivery, short process crushing, etc

(4) to meet the real-time nature of agile manufacturing, real-time processing technology is widely used. Whether it is planning and scheduling, quality half apprenticeship, production performance collection, and cost accounting, it is triggered by events occurring in production to carry out real-time account throwing and real-time processing

3.2 technical features

3.2.1 establish product specification system and metallurgical specification system

in order to truly realize product design according to user needs, it is necessary to establish product specification management system and metallurgical specification management system; Product specifications support the order processing of the sales system, and standardize the product name, standard, brand, surface characteristics, etc., to ensure the unified reference from the contract to the label and warranty. The establishment of enterprise product standard management system and metallurgical standard management system is the key technology to achieve consistent quality management

3.2.2 automatic contract processing and design technology

contract processing, supported by the product specification system and metallurgical specification system, automatically carries out product quality design and production design for the user contract issued by the sales, designs the processing technology approach of the contract, and the process control parameters, inspection and test requirements and other operation instructions of the whole process of the contract product from material preparation, production, inspection, delivery, delivery and delivery, And the material weight of each process and the process shortage of the contract, so as to realize the fully automatic contract processing technology

3.3.3 automatic processing technology for product quality judgment

tungsten product specifications stipulate the final release conditions of products. For the same product, different release conditions can be formulated for different users and different uses, which truly reflects the quality management mode according to users. According to the release standard of the quality design results and the inspection performance of the products, the automatic quality judgment of the physical products is realized

3.3.4 real time dynamic contract execution process tracking management technology

according to the real-time contract account throwing operation of contract processing results and production performance, dynamically balance the production shortage of each process of the contract, monitor the contract progress in real time, dynamically reflect the shortage and throughput of the contract, and truly realize real-time dynamic contract tracking from sales, quality, production, delivery to financial settlement

4 technical points for the successful implementation of MES in the tungsten industry

the key to the successful implementation of MES in tungsten processing enterprises is to take the road of supporting the productization of tungsten deep processing, develop from information integration and transaction integration to intelligent integrated MES, and meet the requirements of integrability, configurability, adaptability, scalability and reliability. Specific performance in the following aspects

(1) through the research of soft bus technology, increase the integration of MES system and peripheral systems, so that it can be smoothly connected with various manufacturers and types of peripheral systems

(2) based on the MES solution of a single tungsten processing enterprise, it will further expand into the solution of the whole system of the process industry, and strive to build a process manufacturing MES with independent intellectual property rights of Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Group Co., Ltd

(3) some proprietary key technologies of the process industry are integrated, such as integrated planning, total quality management technology, dynamic cost control technology, equipment fault monitoring and analysis, to meet the needs of solving various complex problems on the production site

(4) through the application of object-oriented technology and component technology, the tailorability and adaptability of enterprise MES are greatly enhanced

(5) expand downward, further enhance the integration with operating equipment, add tungsten processing model library and equipment level control instructions, and become a complete solution for the integrated automation system of process manufacturing industry

5 Conclusion

this paper introduces the application of production execution management system (MES) in the relocation technical transformation project of tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder of Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Group Co., Ltd., including the project implementation background of tungsten processing enterprises, MES characteristics and status, the main design of MES, the main characteristics and key technical points of MES in tungsten processing enterprises, etc. this project has made a beneficial exploration on the comprehensive application of MES in China's tungsten industry, It has important reference significance for the great leap forward development of China's tungsten industry. (end)

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