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Study on the application of water soluble (PVA) plastic packaging film (Part 2)

6 Printing performance

water soluble film can be clearly printed by ordinary printing methods, with good printability

7. Oil resistance and chemical resistance

water soluble packaging film has good oil resistance (vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil), fat resistance, resistance to organic solvents and carbohydrate removal capacity is only an important grasp when the current capacity contradiction is prominent. However, strong alkali, strong acid, chlorine free radical and other substances that react with PVA (such as borax, boric acid, some dyes, etc.) are not recommended to be packaged with water-soluble film

8. Water solubility

the water solubility of water-soluble films is related to their thickness and temperature, with a value of 25 ц Taking m-thick film as an example, the relevant data are as follows:

v. the application prospect of high-tech water-soluble packaging film

water-soluble film is widely used, has a very broad market, and has environmental protection characteristics, so it has been widely valued by developed countries in the world. For example, Japan, the United States and France have produced and sold such products in large quantities, such as w.t.p company and company in the United States, greensol company in France and synthetic chemical company in Japan. Its users are also some famous large companies, such as bayet (Bayer), Henkel (Henkel), shell (shell), a (aegfu) and other large companies have begun to use water-soluble film to package their products

according to different materials and small and micro markets

in China, the water-soluble film market is rising. In terms of the domestic market, according to relevant data and statistics, at present, the annual demand for packaging film accounts for 20% of plastic products, about 309000 tons. Even if it accounts for 5% of the market, the annual demand also reaches 15000 tons. Its main applications are as follows:

1 Packaging for products used in water, such as gunpowder, chemical fertilizers, pigments, dyes, detergents, water treatment agents, mineral additives, detergents, concrete additives, chemical reagents for photography and chemical reagents for gardening (a better life)

2. Water transfer printing, used for trademark and pattern transfer of special-shaped surface of ceramic and electrical shell

3. High temperature water-soluble film (insoluble below 40 ℃) can be used for clothing and textile packaging, food preservation film, etc., especially for export products

4. Used for seed bags, agricultural seedling raising, embroidery, etc

in addition, the main raw material of water-soluble film is polyvinyl alcohol, and China is a large raw material production country, which is beneficial to the market development of the application prospect of high-tech water-soluble packaging film. With the development and progress of society, people pay more and more attention to maintaining the environment we rely on for survival, especially for China's upcoming integration with the international developed countries, and the measurement method of lighting source color gb/t7922 ⑵ 003 for packaging environmental protection requirements is increasing, Therefore, the application prospect of water-soluble films in China must be very broad

VI. future research topic

water soluble packaging film, as a new green packaging material, has just begun its research and application in China and has only 15 years of development history abroad. Therefore, there are many topics to be studied and developed, including the following aspects:

1 Research on quality control methods of water-soluble film production

due to the unique production process of water-soluble film, various defects will occur in production, such as bubbles, uneven thickness, thick edges, "fish eyes", perforations, wrinkles, "craters", etc., and their causes are very complex. The generation of these defects directly affects the application of water-soluble film, so it is necessary to conduct in-depth research

2. Research on the influence and action mechanism of each component on water-soluble packaging film

various physical and chemical properties of water-soluble film are the result of the comprehensive action of its components. In depth research and Discussion on the influence and action mechanism of each component on water-soluble packaging film is of great significance to improve the quality of water-soluble film, meet user requirements and develop new water-soluble film

3. Improvement and improvement of water-soluble film productivity at present, the production speed of the developed water-soluble film production equipment is 4.5 meters/minute, and that of similar foreign equipment is about 7 meters/minute. Compared with the traditional process of producing non water-soluble film equipment, the productivity is obviously very low, which is an important reason for the high cost of water-soluble film. How to improve the productivity of water-soluble film will be an important research topic in the future

4. Development of new water-soluble membrane and development of new application fields of water-soluble membrane

although water-soluble membrane has been widely used, with the development of production and social progress, human demand continues to grow, and the application of water-soluble membrane needs to be explored in many fields, requiring the development of various new water-soluble membranes. For example, the heat-resistant (300 ℃) water-soluble film used for welding accessories in the power industry to replace water-soluble paper, the development of water-soluble film with washing function in the washing industry to be used as membrane soap, and so on

source: Zhonghua plastics

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