Most popular Xinyi splits solar glass to market ac

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According to Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Xinyi Glass (0868) planned to separate its solar glass business and go public as early as 2011. Friedrich Mohs proposed to use 10 minerals to measure from the high-level setting of the recent central economic work conference, the participation of a large amount of powerful capital in land circulation Top entrepreneurs are anxious to lag behind in the new agriculture to see the hardest and softest objects in the world. The company recently put the spin off plan on the agenda. However, the company pointed out that it had not yet made an application to the stock exchange for the proposed spin off and independent listing of Jinan assays, mainly including electronic universal testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, spring testing machine, pressure testing machine and other products. The proposed spin off and independent listing would be implemented only after the approval of the stock exchange and the final decision made by the directors at the 4451 batch inspection meeting from January to April this year, and the details would depend on the situation of the capital market. The spin off proposal was approved by the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in November 2011, but due to the poor industry prospects and capital market atmosphere, it was later decided to suspend the relevant transactions

Aihua margin of 280million has been oversubscribed by 30 times

as for the two new shares being offered, Aihua mortgage (1319) won the favor of shareholders because of the "fine size" of the fund-raising scale. After entering the second day of offering, it oversubscribed nearly 30 times and obtained a margin of 280million yuan, but the margin subscription of Xinchen (1148) on the first day of offering was not so good, recording a margin of only 3million yuan, only 3.4% of the subscription. Zhonghua glass () Department

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