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Xuancheng hardware parts washing

Xuancheng hardware parts washing_ Among the ultrasonic cleaning machines now used by enterprises, cavitation effect and direct inflow effect are applied more. Ultrasonic cleaning machines generally have timing or heating functions. We will explain several common timing configurations. 1. Numerical control panel heating is generally a numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine used in laboratories. The model with heating function is numerical control key heating. The numerical control area displays the current temperature, and the temperature value can be set. When the heating value is reached, the heating will be stopped automatically. This kind of heating is generally heated with silica gel plate. 2. The temperature controller heats the split ultrasonic cleaning machine. According to the use situation, it can be heated with the temperature controller. The use method is as follows: press the heating switch, and the temperature controller will display the measured temperature and the control temperature

the road will inevitably cause damage after long-term use. At this time, maintenance and treatment should be carried out to ensure the smooth traffic. Over the years, the company has always adhered to the business index of "reputation first, customer first, honesty, small profits and quick turnover", and its products are sold to 27 provinces and cities in China. In the process of maintenance and treatment, high-pressure cleaning machine has become a rare ideal equipment, so what role can it play here

in highway maintenance, using high-pressure washing machine for high-pressure water jet cleaning can not only clean the grease, soil and tar on the road maintenance equipment, but also the paint, dirt, tar, adhesive and lane separation on the cement bridge and overpass, but also smooth the worn parts and heavy oil on the cement

when the full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is implemented and used, it mainly has the following three effects: hole effect. When the powerful ultrasonic radiation is radiated into the liquid, the cleaning liquid rotates with the theme of static pressure (a standard air pressure). When the pressure is below zero air pressure, the oxygen dissolved in the liquid will form tiny bubble cores, and then countless tiny cavities (holes) similar to vacuum will be generated. The acceleration affects the cleaning liquid. After ultrasonic radiation, the liquid molecules vibrate. This vibration acceleration is 103 times of the gravity acceleration at 28kHz, and will reach 10512 times at 950khz. The software reserves the database interface. With this strong acceleration, the contaminated surface can be stripped and cleaned

facts have proved that the road cleaned by the air discharged from the oil cylinder by the high-pressure cleaner is not only clean and sanitary, but also flat and safe. Therefore, the application of cleaning machine in highway maintenance is also very extensive. Water jet cleaning technology can not only ensure that highway maintenance can meet the standard, but also produce considerable economic benefits

the unique characteristics of high-pressure water jet technology of high-pressure cleaning machine and its many advantages in the application of cleaning field. The company takes "honesty as the foundation, texture as the survival, innovation as the focus, brand as the promotion" as the enterprise management idea, and uses first-class design ability, exquisite construction level, and intimate after-sales service to win the affirmation and support of users all over the country. In addition, the experience and economic benefits obtained from the application in practice, as a high-quality, efficient, cheap, safe, rapid, reliable and effective cleaning method, have been increasingly recognized by the highway maintenance industry

the main working medium of high-pressure water cleaning machine is pure water. After ordinary tap water is pressurized to more than 1000 atmospheres by high-pressure water pump, a jet beam with highly concentrated energy is sprayed through a small aperture high-pressure nozzle. Because this water jet has great striking ability, it can be instantly released on the cleaned dirt to achieve the purpose of removing the dirt on the surface of the equipment

Xuancheng hardware parts washing_ How do enterprises know the practicality of small ultrasonic cleaning machines? In order to choose the small ultrasonic cleaning machine that is most suitable for our company, we should pay attention to the following seven problems in the purchase process. 1. Know how your company's products can be washed. Different products usually cover an area of 1923 Mu and have different cleaning forms. We need to be familiar with the cleaning mode of our company's products before we can choose the most suitable small ultrasonic cleaning machine. 2. What kind of clean efficiency should we achieve. 3. How much output is expected to be promoted by our company and how much machine capacity to be purchased. 4. To know the cleaning process, ask your peers what kind of process to choose, or consult the ultrasonic manufacturer for updated cleaning process

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