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Xuzhou five people eat barbecue in the private room, four people faint, two people have urinary incontinence

the door of the private room of the barbecue shop has been removed, and the window is open and ventilated

"today, my four friends and I almost hung up! Five people eat barbecue, carbon monoxide poisoning, four fainted, two urination incontinence, four vomited... Death is really not a distant thing..."

at more than 1 a.m. on the 16th, Ms. Liang, a citizen of Xuzhou, sent a message "eating barbecue carbon monoxide poisoning" in her circle of friends, causing onlookers. Ms. Liang was contacted to confirm the matter. The doctor reminded that when using charcoal fire indoors, we must maintain air circulation. In case of similar "poisoning", try to see a doctor at 225 PVC plastic door. If you eat barbecue in a confined space, you must beware of carbon monoxide poisoning

if you eat barbecue in a private room, 4 out of 5 people faint

"it's too scary". Speaking of the evening of the 15th, Ms. Liang still felt afraid

On the evening of the 15th, Ms. Liang and four friends went to a barbecue shop near Gangnan community in the Northern District of Xuzhou to have a barbecue, which was in a private room on the second floor. From about 7:30 to about 10:30, the situation began to appear

"First, a friend was ready to go to the bathroom, but he just stood up, and then his eyes turned white and fell to the ground. We were scared, and quickly pinched her. About half a minute later, she recovered a little, but then she vomited. We just helped her to one side and sat down, when a friend who was originally helping out suddenly shook, sat down along the wall and fell to the ground, shaking, twitching, eyes closed, teeth clenched." Ms. Liang said that at this time, they realized that it was carbon monoxide poisoning. The other three people hurriedly opened the window, opened the door, and called the waiter to rescue people

"at the same time of shouting, I also fainted, and my legs were too soft to walk. I quickly sat down with a chair, and then my eyes blurred. I even felt that I had a dream for a while. Later, my companion said, I was fascinated for a minute or two." Ms. Liang said that four of the five friends fainted on the spot, and the other one walked to the door, but fell in front of the door and couldn't move. In addition, the first two people who fainted also had urinary incontinence after falling down. "Four people had vomiting symptoms after the incident, and two friends who didn't touch the wine that night didn't vomit until they got home."

Ms. Liang said that after the incident, all her friends came out of the private room. The fainted friend gradually woke up, and several people slowly improved, "After about half an hour, we felt basically recovered, so we didn't go to the hospital..."

"It should be carbon monoxide poisoning. There is no exhaust fan in the private room, and smokeless charcoal is used for barbecue. According to the introduction, no one among several friends smokes. In order to warm up, we implement the management of total resources and mining rights and eat barbecue behind closed doors. Because carbon monoxide is colorless and tasteless, when we find symptoms, our body has not been able to do anything." Ms. Liang said that the reason why she wanted to tell her own experience was to remind the public that when eating barbecue, hot pot and charcoal fire, never close the space

barbecue shop: the private room door has been removed.

in the afternoon of the 16th, I came to this barbecue shop near the intersection of the Second Ring North Road and Xige street. "On the evening of the 15th, did someone faint while shopping in the store?" When asked, the staff said that it was indeed the case, and the guests had been fully exempted, "maybe the doors and windows were closed too tightly, and it was stuffy. We have opened the store for 3 years, and we have never encountered a similar situation."

then he came to the second floor of the barbecue shop and saw that the door of the private room had been completely removed, and the windows were all open and ventilated

survey: most of the "barbecue shops" in our city do not have private rooms

charcoal barbecue, hot pot and other dishes with charcoal as the heat source have been quite popular. In order to improve the city's appearance and environment, more barbecue shops are basically moving from outdoor to indoor. If the store owners and guests do not pay attention, and the charcoal fire is used in the confined space for a long time without ventilation, it is obvious that there are certain potential safety hazards

on the 16th, I checked many restaurants and found that most of the "barbecue shops" in our city do not have private rooms. Even though most of the private rooms do not have doors, a few of them have potential safety hazards of poor ventilation

"my side used to be just a barbecue stand, but now it's a shop. You don't need a private room for barbecue... This private room is closed and the doors and windows leak, so it's no problem." Near Wangchang new village, a high-frequency fatigue testing machine is widely used to test the dynamic and static mechanical properties of materials and parts, the barbecue shop owner told

in a hot pot shop near Wanfu street, the hot pot is eaten with copper stove charcoal, and the private room is equipped with exhaust fan and air conditioner. "We pay great attention to the ventilation of private rooms. Generally, the guests come and turn on the air conditioner. In the middle, our service staff will enter the private room, turn off the air conditioner and turn on the exhaust fan for a while. Wait a while before turning on the air conditioner." A clerk said

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