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Xingjian power CRM helps Meilun decoration design more comfortable living environment recently, Xingjian power CRM officially signed a contract with Meilun decoration design company (hereinafter referred to as Meilun decoration) to help Meilun decoration optimize customer management process, establish and improve customer management system, and improve sales performance

Meilun decoration design company is a collection of rooms and indoor furniture design, construction Ivo lansbergen, Asia Pacific president of DSM engineering plastics business department, believes: "Xiaomi project reflects DSM's active expansion of a product specialized decoration company that integrates furnishings in China's local and overseas markets, such as its installation location close to heat sources such as engines. Adhering to the grand ceremony decoration culture, guiding furniture fashion, and perfectly combining art with life are the principles and goals that Meilun decoration has always followed in its design. Meilun people adhere to the management tenet of honesty and credibility, people-oriented, clear responsibilities and rights, and advocating innovation With the service tenet of innovation in design, reassurance in quality and reassurance in service, we will provide our customers with highly personalized interior style and show the style of famous artists. Today, with the rapid development of the architectural decoration industry, Meilun decoration has formed a complete design system in the use of computer graphics, and combines excellent design, scientific management and careful construction. In the spirit of trustworthy and innovative enterprise spirit, it continues to expand the decoration market. But if you want to expand the market quickly, you must have a set of tools that can help them integrate customer management and service management. Xingjian power CRM has powerful customization function. Meilun decoration can customize settings according to its own needs to meet the personalized needs of its company

Xingjian power CRM was developed by Guangzhou Xingjian Computer Technology Co., Ltd. in the initial stage, the company mainly undertook the customized CRM system business of various types of companies. After summarizing the development experience accumulated over the years, by December, 2004, a general CRM suitable for all industries was developed. Runwell CRM, the customer relationship management software of Xingjian power, takes customer relationship management as the soul of CRM. Due to the implementation of the spirit of CRM in the process of the rapid development of coal chemical industry, it is a set of CRM system carefully designed for the application of small and medium-sized enterprises. Since its launch, it has been highly praised by customers. Cooperative clients have spread all over China (including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Africa, Canada and other regions; The industry also involves medical treatment, chemical industry, plastic hardware, electronics, machinery and electromechanical, logistics and transportation, it and other fields. After in-depth understanding of the business process of Meilun decoration, Xingjian power CRM implementation engineers finally provided them with a simplified version of Xingjian power CRM with perfect customer management functions

after the launch of Xingjian power CRM system, all aspects of Meilun decoration business have been optimized, as follows: first, systematically integrate all customer information, then import it into the system for unified management, and assign customer information to relevant business personnel for follow-up; Second, the system has functions such as the customer name cannot be repeated, and the contact information can be reminded if it is repeated, so as to avoid customer duplication and reduce the cost of business follow-up; Third, realize the work in different places. The system supports login, work anytime and anywhere, follow up customers in time, improve customer satisfaction, so as to promote customer transaction rate and provide more convenience for enterprises. Fourth, the system can also automatically backup data every day to avoid the loss of customer information and improve the customer information security index

since the implementation of Xingjian power CRM, the business process of Meilun decoration has been optimized and the customer management system has been refined. We believe that Meilun decoration will provide our customers with more perfect services and create a beautiful and comfortable living environment with all our heart

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