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Get started with Xiaomi Hongmi redmi note. After the foundation is dry, 7 Pro half month feeling evaluation

got started with this Xiaomi Hongmi note7pro in an East. It has been used for half a month. Now share your feelings about using this one. I hope it can be used as a reference for friends who need it later: Generally speaking, it meets daily needs. The 4000 Ma battery is not as good as expected, and you still need to charge it for normal use in a day. If the front 20million camera and the battery is bigger than all other models, it will be invincible. Taking photos is also very good, with the same price and configuration, and the highest cost performance. Another reason is that other brands may not be able to achieve the system upgrade of Xiaomi in the later stage

turn to the latest quotation of this model of a certain East, and more user comments and introductions "" hope to help you with your reference

price: the e-commerce quotation of Xiaomi Hongmi redmi note7pro is 1599, which has three colors, dream blue, twilight gold and bright black Click here to view's latest promotional quotation

configuration function:

Hongmi note 7 Pro has a total of 4 pro, ① performance Pro: the new generation of Xiaolong 675 processor; ② Photo Pro: Sony imx586 48million ultra-high pixels; ③ Configure pro:6gb+128gb super large storage combination, standard 18W charger; ④ Quality Pro: new p2i life splash proof

Hongmi note 7 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 675 mobile platform, adopts the same sensor as Xiaomi 9, Sony imx586, and has multiple flagship camera algorithms such as handheld super night scene and AI studio lighting effect

it belongs to hot-rolled plain round steel bars

in addition, red rice note 7 Pro adopts nano waterproof coating technology to prevent damage caused by corrosion and water inflow in daily life; Equipped with 4000mAh battery and the Xiaolong 675 mobile platform with 11nm process, it has lower power consumption, longer endurance, and then adjust the collet position under the experimental machine for a long time. In addition, there is a type-C interface, which supports qc4 fast charging protocol

advantages and disadvantages evaluation:

advantages: 48million pixels, retain 3.5 mm headphone hole, double-sided glass, infrared remote control function conscience. Hesitation screen 6.3 battery can be 5000 Ma up. 48million pixel lens bulges seriously, and the appearance design is too simple and rough

disadvantages: appearance design, lost details 189 tower crane is too simple and rough. Hongmi 3S and Xiaomi 6 are the perfect models

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