Most popular Xianning City leaders meet with CSG s

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For example, the rigid difference of Xianning leadership meeting can be seen in the senior management of CSG group. On February 28, Zeng Nan, chairman of CSG group, led the senior management of the group to visit Xianning. Huang Chuping, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Ren Zhenhe, the mayor, met with Zeng Nan and his delegation. Municipal leaders Huang Jianxiong, Wang Hanqiao, and Zhou Henghua, director of the administrative committee of the Development Zone, attended the meeting

CSG group is one of the most competitive and influential large enterprise groups in China's glass industry and solar energy industry. It is understood that the first phase of the Xianning south glass project is divided into three parts: photovoltaic glass, energy-saving glass and float glass production lines, with a total investment of 2.58 billion yuan during the three guarantee period. The project is located in the Hubei (Xianning) Guangdong Industrial Park with a large manufacturer land of 1350 mu of Jinan new era gold testing instruments Co., Ltd

Huang Chuping extended a warm welcome to Zeng Nan and his delegation. He said that China Southern Glass Group's investment in Xianning is the biggest awesome for the leapfrog development of Xianning during the 12th Five Year Plan. At the provincial "meeting of two 20 high temperature EMUs with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour and 20 high temperature EMUs with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour", the provincial Party committee and the provincial government placed high hopes on Xianning and encouraged Xianning to build "Yueyang" in Hubei Province and strive to be the "leader" of the province in terms of characteristic development. The construction of "Yueyang" in Hubei and a strong economic city in southern Hubei needs the support of large projects such as CSG. We should fully support the project construction with "zero obstacles, low cost, high efficiency and good environment", establish the idea that "the needs of CSG are ours" and "CSG project has no trivial matters", and strive to speed up the project. We should quickly set up special work classes, implement them one by one, and achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and local governments

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