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Xiamen Health Bureau 96166 call center and platform opening

Xiamen health information 96166 call center opened a unified outpatient appointment and platform throughout the city, and Xiamen took the lead in building a unified outpatient appointment platform in the country. The platform integrates all hospital number sources, and provides appointment services for patients through various channels such as interactive TV, SMS, citizen health information station, hospital site, etc. At present, the first ten medical institutions in Xiamen have been included in the platform

yaoguanhua, deputy director of Xiamen Health Bureau, said that after the establishment of the platform, patients can make an appointment to see a doctor at a certain time, and the average waiting time is expected to be 15 to 30 minutes

the unified platform releases numbers at 8 a.m. every day, and citizens can make an appointment for expert numbers and ordinary numbers for the next week. At present, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University, Xiamen heart center, Xiamen second hospital, Xiamen Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Xiamen maternal and child health care hospital 2, the working principle of the reducer in Jinan gold testing pull machine, Xiamen Haicang hospital, the 174 Hospital of the people's Liberation Army, Xiamen third hospital and Xiang'an Tongmin hospital are included in the unified reservation platform as the first ten hospitals. According to the person in charge of the Health Bureau, next, all public medical institutions in the city will join the H) process in succession: the experimental process, measurement, display and analysis are all completed by computers; Private medical institutions will also be absorbed into this platform

when citizens dial the number of 96166 call center, the operator will make an appointment and registration for citizens according to their needs. If the hospital number source is tight, the medical cloud system will provide intelligent triage reminders for citizens. In addition, 96166 call center supports reservation in Mandarin, Minnan dialect and English, and also provides consulting services

96166 after the call center is opened, the working hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At present, the first batch of 52 operators have been on duty. In the later stage, the staffing will be increased by batch, and the shift will be arranged reasonably according to the appointment consultation data to ensure the connection rate of 96166 during peak hours

the platform has functions such as appointment, personal health records, inspection results, children's planned immunization, maternal and child health information, bed use information and expert introduction and query. Citizens only need to pay attention to the public number and complete the registration at Xiamen citizen health information station, and then they can complete the online appointment according to the push information

using the platform to make an appointment for registration or query personal health information requires authentication. At present, online booking is only open to citizens holding Fujian Social Security card

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