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Research on pre cooling, packaging, storage and fresh-keeping technology of vegetables

according to different vegetables, melons and fruits, the corresponding storage and fresh-keeping methods and processing technology have been adopted to make the shelf-life of more than 40 kinds of vegetables reach 3-7 days, This is a gratifying achievement of the special "Research on the technology of pre cooling, packaging, storage and preservation of vegetables" in the "Ninth Five Year Plan" national scientific and technological research project "demonstration project of industrialized high-efficiency agriculture" undertaken by Shanghai Institute of plant physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

the Institute has seriously homogenized its products and produced three types of preservatives: mold proof, browning inhibition and film preservation, as well as "the existence of new slow-release problems has made it impossible for China's plastic machinery industry to meet the foreign plastic machinery horizontal release mold proof and preservation methods and devices as soon as possible". Among them, "new slow-release mold proof and preservation methods and devices" provide a new low-cost The method is simple to operate and can effectively prevent mold and keep fresh for a long time. The outer film layer of the device can pass through gas but can not pass through liquid and ions. The outer film layer forms a medicine placing cavity, in which an absorbent material and an anti mildew preservative are placed. The absorbing material absorbs water, and the mold proof and fresh-keeping agent will release the gas that plays the role of mold proof and fresh-keeping when there is water. The gas molecules enter the packaging container containing storage through the outer film layer, such as the PE film packaging bag, so that the objects to be kept fresh are in an atmosphere with sterilization and fresh-keeping gas. Because the mold proof and fresh-keeping gas is released slowly through the outer film layer, it can effectively prevent mold and keep fresh for a long time without consuming energy

since the outer film layer of the device of the invention can not penetrate ions and liquids, the mold proof preservative will not pollute the fresh-keeping articles. When the fresh-keeping articles are taken out after storage, the mould proof fresh-keeping gas will volatilize, so the fresh-keeping articles will not be polluted. The invention creatively uses the characteristic that the PE film has the selective permeation of gas molecules to effectively control and maintain the concentration of the anti mildew preservative in the PE package, so as to achieve the purpose of anti mildew and fresh keeping. The application of this technology has not been reported at home and abroad

this achievement has achieved good results in the experiment and application of litchi, grape and Zizania latifolia. The litchi was kept fresh at 35 ℃ for 8 days, but the litchi was still bright red without mildew. On the basis of the experiments of single grape and box grape preservation, we cooperated with Aksu science and Technology Commission in Xinjiang to use the preservative for storage, transportation and cold storage of tons of grapes, and achieved satisfactory results. Fresh grapes are stored at 0 ~ 5 ℃ for 3 months. If the fruit stalk is just harvested, the fruit is bright, without odor, and the taste does not change. At the same time, on the basis of the original plant of Maqiao horticultural farm, the Institute has launched a small vegetable packaging production line with a daily output of 3 tons and an annual output of 1000 tons. According to the clean, sanitary and ready to eat characteristics of small packaged vegetables, it is equipped with washing Sony's trial production of all solid batteries with solid electrolyte materials, water purification washing, roller conveyor belt, grading, weighing and packaging, pricing and other equipment, forming a series of processes

the expert group identified that the three new preservatives with different characteristics and their implementation schemes developed by the research group, as well as the national production line for small packaging of vegetable, melon and fruit films, including the semi-automatic packaging machine that can replace the caproic acid film, designed and installed by the research group, are in a leading position in China

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