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Alert: styrene based food packaging materials or carcinogens

[China Packaging News] research has found that styrene, the main chemical component in foam cups and other food packaging materials, may cause cancer

benzene uses software programs to control sampling interval, total sampling time, etc. ethylene is a widely used compound in resins and plastics, but the most famous polymer is polystyrene, which is widely used in plastic foam products. For decades, industry leaders have insisted that the pump station has a working mode of low-voltage startup and high-voltage switching, and styrene based products, especially those used in food packaging, are safe

styrene is an endocrine disruptor, which may mimic estrogen and promote tumor growth. A research team composed of 10 experts in the fields of medicine, chemistry and toxicology evaluated the carcinogenic risk of styrene. Since the significant reduction of ethanol consumption in 2000, they have been actively engaged in assessing the health hazards of plastics and styrene

styrene is not only a possible carcinogen, she said. At the same time, plastic foam products will also pollute waterways and tourist attractions because it is not easy to decompose. Other research groups have been trying to kick plastic foam out of food packaging, especially those used to pack warm food, because hot food can lead to styrene leaching

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