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Agricultural machinery purchase subsidies promote the "machine replacement"

Shandong Tancheng Hengfeng Agricultural Mechanization Service farmers' professional cooperative to carry out subsoiling operations on the land entrusted by the cooperative. Data map

agricultural mechanization is an important foundation for changing the mode of agricultural development and improving rural productivity, and an important support for the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy. At present, agricultural machinery purchase subsidy is an important policy means to promote the development of agricultural mechanization. Since the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the policy of strengthening, benefiting and Enriching Farmers in 2004, the support intensity has been continuously increased and the scope of benefits has been continuously expanded

over the past 16 years, the central government has invested more than 200 billion yuan, directly benefiting more than 33 million farmers, supporting farmers and various agricultural production and operation entities to purchase more than 40 million sets of agricultural machinery, and promoting the national agricultural mechanization rate from 32.47% in 2002 (before the implementation of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy) to 69.1% in 2018

behind the figures is the accelerating and boosting effect of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds on the "machine replacement" project in the agricultural field. How to ensure transparency in the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy? How to meet farmers' demand for timely payment? What are the innovations in the use of subsidy funds? Recently, I investigated Shanxi, Shandong, Fujian and other provinces to understand the new reform measures of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in recent years

Information Disclosure - making the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery transparent and open

the information disclosure of the subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery is an important part of the public administration of grass-roots governments in the field of agricultural subsidies, and also an important measure to promote administration according to law and build a service-oriented government. Whether the information disclosure is comprehensive, timely and in place is related to the vital interests of the farmers

the subsidy policies and measures are open, the subsidy operation mode is transparent, and the subsidy information is known to farmers. Which agricultural machines and tools can be used for subsidies? Which products of agricultural machinery enterprises have been disqualified from subsidies? Who gets the subsidy for purchasing the machine? All the information concerned by farmers is made public in real time and clear at a glance in the "machine purchase subsidy column" of "China Agricultural Mechanization Information"

Hu Lapan, a farmer in Wangfeng Township, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, purchased a wheeled tractor with the model of "taishan-604 crack will increase e" this year. He spent 48000 yuan and received 15600 yuan of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy. When he went to the district agricultural and rural bureau to apply for machine purchase subsidies, the information was synchronized to the information column of Shanxi agricultural machine purchase subsidies of China's agricultural mechanization information in real time. "The information about which village group the buyer belongs to, how many agricultural machines he has purchased, and which dealer sells the agricultural machines can be found in the information disclosure column." Shanxi Agricultural Machinery Development Center Agricultural Machinery Equipment Department lijinfen said

should be made public as much as possible. In order to standardize the management of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and ensure the implementation of special funds, the progress of the use of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies is also being updated in real time according to the requirements of the standard guidelines for the disclosure of grass-roots government affairs in the field of agricultural subsidies. Each province shall take the county (District) as the unit to update the use of funds in real time. "The subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery is a subsidy with strong policy orientation. It must ensure that the special funds are used for specific purposes, and the funds must not be misappropriated, withheld or misappropriated." The head of the planning and Finance Department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas said

"with the exposure table, we have more insight when purchasing agricultural machinery." Gao Yong, chairman of Hengfeng agricultural machinery cooperative in Tancheng County, Shandong Province, said, "we can see which enterprises violate the rules and break the promise and which agricultural machinery has quality problems through the 'blacklist' and 'notification of violations' links, so that we can effectively avoid risks when purchasing agricultural machinery."

"it can be said that at present, the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy has realized the public content covering the whole process of agricultural machinery subsidy and subsidy service. The government affairs publicity work has basically realized institutionalization, standardization and information management to remove impurities, and the standardization level of government affairs publicity has been significantly improved." The person in charge of the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas introduced

it can be finished within a limited time - the compression test can be stopped. There is a sealing ring between the piston and the oil cylinder - so that farmers' satisfaction is higher.

farmers' application for subsidies is complicated, with a lot of data and a long time, which was once their trouble. Since 2019, the agricultural and financial departments have implemented the time limit for cashing subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and made it clear that the County-Level Agricultural and rural departments should complete the review within 30 working days (excluding 30 days of publicity) after accepting the subsidy application for the purchase of machinery, and submit it to the financial department at the same level; According to the materials provided by the agricultural and rural departments, the county-level financial department shall, within 30 working days, cash the funds that meet the requirements by means of centralized treasury payment, and timely notify the purchaser of those that do not meet the requirements. "After the whole process, including the 30 day publicity period, qualified purchasers will certainly get subsidies in 4 months at the latest." According to the person in charge of the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, "the time limited completion system is implemented to make it convenient and efficient for the people, but it does not lower the audit requirements, but also to ensure the safety of funds, which puts forward higher requirements for the subsidy management departments."

since 2018, Fujian Province has taken the lead in implementing the "two month settlement" agricultural machinery purchase subsidy nationwide. The agricultural and rural departments at the county level shall, within the first 7 working days of each month, submit the audited settlement letter of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds of the previous month to the financial departments at the county level; The county financial department shall complete the fund allocation within 10 working days after receiving the subsidy fund settlement letter. Linjingyuan, planning and Finance Department of Fujian Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, said: "the subsidy funds are distributed within a limited time, which can effectively speed up the payment and settlement progress of the subsidy funds, effectively reduce the power rent-seeking space in the capital settlement link, and more realistically improve the people's sense of purchase benefits."

"I bought a 30 type tea withering machine last July and a 15 ton grain dryer in October. The subsidies for both machines were paid to my account after just one month." Yuweibai, the president of Wuyishan Baixing agricultural machinery cooperative, said, "for our agricultural machinery cooperative, the fast and convenient subsidy funds allow us to avoid the backlog of funds when purchasing large machines and tools, saving money and worry."

pilot first - make the level of agricultural mechanization higher

"what to make up?" It has always been a topic of continuous exploration and innovation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy. From the key machines and tools required for the full mechanization of the production of major crops such as grain, cotton, oil and sugar to the subsidies for agricultural machinery subsoiling and land preparation, and then to accelerating the construction of green ecological oriented agricultural machinery subsidies, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has continuously adapted to the needs of agricultural structure adjustment and actively carried out the pilot of subsidies for the purchase of new agricultural machinery products by relying on the "policy + innovation" two wheel drive

agricultural machinery operation subsidy is another effective way to accelerate the development of Agricultural Mechanization in the public testing service platform. Due to the large amount and wide range of operation subsidies, supervision has always been a difficult problem. In response to this situation, since 2016, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has actively guided all localities to adopt the "IOT + supervision" remote monitoring method. By installing sensors and other information-based equipment on tractors and subsoilers, the management department can conduct real-time monitoring and access to the operation depth, operation track and operation area at any time. At present, the annual operation area of subsoiling and land preparation through national information remote monitoring exceeds 100million mu. Through agricultural machinery operation subsidies, a large number of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and other service organizations have accelerated the upgrading of tractors and other equipment by undertaking subsoiling operations, and their own development and service capabilities have been significantly improved

this year, the notice on the implementation of agricultural production development and other projects in 2019 issued by the agricultural and financial departments stipulates that the pilot of comprehensive subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery will be carried out in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangxi and other provinces (cities), and the use and management of subsidies will be explored and innovated. The expenditure direction may include purchase subsidies, loan discount, financial lease and lease subsidies, etc; In Sichuan Province, the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy fund is used to carry out the comprehensive reward and subsidy pilot of agricultural mechanization development. The expenditure direction can include the purchase subsidy of machines and tools, operation subsidy, loan discount, financial lease and lease subsidy, etc; We will support the pilot provinces to improve their work measures with the support of informatization, open up data channels for subsidy application, machine identification and operation track monitoring, and explore a safer, more efficient and convenient mode for the verification of subsidized machines and tools and the application for subsidy funds. These pilot projects will explore ways to further improve agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and improve policy efficiency

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