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Style change in chemical products market

fuel oil is the only product that performs relatively strongly under the high support of crude oil

polyurethane glass fiber reinforced paper honeycomb composite prepared by spraying process has the advantages of light weight, large bending strength, good dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, high production efficiency, flexible design, etc, A series of real estate market regulation policies issued by the state and the credit tightening liquidity policy since the 1990s have led to a deep correction of energy chemicals. However, in the future, with the normalization and popularization of policy effects, the trend of chemicals will focus on its fundamentals. In my opinion, the trends are different

the performance of chemicals dominated by policies in the early stage generally fell. The frequent policies of property market regulation and credit tightening have successively impacted the trend of domestic bulk commodities, and energy and chemicals have generally fallen. The first is PVC related to the property market and Tianjiao with strong financial attributes. As of May 6, the decline was 3.2% and 6.5% respectively. The trend of LLDPE and PVC is similar, and the decline is also large due to the drag of PVC. PTA fell by more than 2% under the dual pressure of macro policy impact and sluggish downstream demand season. Fuel oil is the only one whose exposure surface to the outside world is larger than that of other materials under the support of high crude oil level, but it still has shocks

future fundamentals lead the trend of chemicals. The fuel oil market follows the high volatility trend of crude oil. In May, I believe that crude oil futures are easy to rise but hard to fall. Mainly based on the following points: first, the European and American economies continued to improve; Second, measures such as easing the Greek crisis were continuously implemented; Third, the summer oil consumption peak is underway. Under this influence, the fuel oil will maintain a high shock situation, including the shock range of fu007

pta is expected to turn around in the future. Under the double pressure of high inventory and sufficient supply of PTA in the early stage, the futures price fell rapidly. However, this kind of callback is accompanied by the process of de stocking; At present, the operating rate of PTA industry is about 85%, which is at a high level; However, the production and sales of downstream polyester have rebounded significantly, and the product quotation has not fluctuated significantly. Ta009 contract can focus on the strong support of the 8150 front line, and the callback to this position can involve light warehouse and multiple orders

in terms of LLDPE and PVC, despite the high cost support, the demand is weak and mainly volatile. In terms of cost, the high crude oil and strong ethylene quotation in the upstream support LLDPE and ethylene PVC; The rise in coal prices and the cancellation of preferential electricity prices in the northwest have supported the calcium carbide PVC process. However, from the perspective of demand, it is unlikely that LLDPE will rise significantly, because its current seasonal maintenance period is coming to an end, the aftermarket supply pressure is greatly increased, plus the off-season demand and overcapacity, LLDPE aftermarket prices are difficult to perform well. PVC terminal demand is also not optimistic. If the national adjustment to the property market is incomplete, the new gasket attached to the machine should be used to install it to prevent oil leakage under high pressure. The frequency and intensity of the measures to control oil leakage have increased. The performance of real estate is difficult to be optimistic, and the impact on PVC is not small. It is expected that l1009 will fluctuate in the range of yuan and v1009 will fluctuate in the range of yuan. Under the influence of oversupply and financial attributes, the rubber market still has room for decline. From the perspective of natural rubber supply, the total output and import of natural rubber in China in March can reach 220000 tons, while China and Southeast Asia, the main production area, have entered the opening period one after another, with sufficient supply in the future; From the perspective of demand, the strong demand stage of China's automobile production and marketing has passed, and the future period will be the balance period of supply and demand, production and marketing. From the perspective of its financial attributes, since this year, the correlation coefficient between the trend of Shanghai Jiao and Shanghai Stock Exchange index has been 0.75, which has a good correlation. At the same time when the state introduced the negative policy on the stock market, Shanghai Jiao has the most direct and rapid response. Therefore, the author believes that there is still room for the ru009 contract to fall, and it is mainly to sell short in the future

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