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Shengdiluo company was founded in 2011, and its main brand is shengdiluo. Its product feature is to integrate Chinese traditional embroidery technology with European traditional embroidery culture, and integrate Chinese embroidery into paper

Xie Hao, general manager of Dongguan shengdiluo decorative materials Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Mr. Xie, shengdiluo specializes in embroidered wallpaper. Why did this idea come into being? What is the current situation

President Xie: shengdiluo company was founded in 2011, and its main brand is shengdiluo. The product feature is to integrate Chinese traditional embroidery technology with European traditional embroidery culture, and integrate Chinese embroidery into paper. At the wallpaper exhibition in Frankfurt at the beginning of 2011, while visiting those dazzling wallpapers, I wondered why I couldn't apply the traditional Chinese embroidery technology to the paper? After returning home, I began to organize a team to conduct market research and product research and development. After more than a year of research and development and preparation, the brand of shengdiluo embroidery wallpaper was finally introduced to the market in 2012

from the launch of the brand to today, after more than a year of efforts, in addition to our own embroidery processing plant and sales company, we have also set up sales branches in Sichuan, Xi'an, northeast Liaoning Shenyang, and are also preparing to set up branches in Shanghai this year. Now we have obtained the green environmental protection certification, and we are still applying for the European standard. At present, our products have entered Europe and Belgium, and we will focus on opening the Southeast Asian market

home hotline: is this exhibition mainly about brand display or investment attraction

Mr. Xie: we have two main goals. The first is to attract investment. Businesses do business in the market, of course, to promote it to the market; Second, in the process of attracting investment, we pay more attention to brand construction, because we are committed to making Chinese embroidery technology into a national brand, so we pay more attention to brand promotion

home hotline: what are the requirements for dealers in terms of investment promotion

Mr. Xie: because our product positioning is relatively high-end, in the process of recruiting dealers: first, he should recognize our products; Second, he should have sales strategy and sales intention; Third, we are mainly promoting franchised stores this year, including internal sales planning of some franchised stores. And this year, each of our branches will organize one or two large-scale training sessions to help dealers do a good job in industry sales and train them on how to sell our characteristics to customers

home hotline: the development of enterprises cannot be separated from innovative thinking. What innovative measures does shengdiluo have

Mr. Xie: at present, we are still limited to ordinary products in terms of pattern and material. As the development direction of 2014, we plan to launch more distinctive products at the Shanghai Exhibition in August. Because we are committed to making embroidered wallpaper, in the next step, we may apply the embroidery process to yarn, straw and other materials, and make more innovations to the traditional process. At present, our embroidery wallpaper has applied for a patent, and more products will be developed to meet the needs of customers in the future

home hotline: now we see more and more enterprises entering the wallpaper industry. In your opinion, what is the development trend of the wallpaper industry in the future

Mr. Xie: after any product develops to a certain stage, there will be a process of reshuffle. It can be said that 60% - 70% of the enterprises in China's wallpaper industry are in the stage of loss, 20% - 30% of the enterprises are in the stage of slight profit, and maybe only 10% of the manufacturers belong to the extreme of high profit, so we can only make this market more sound and transparent. In the terminal market, what wallpaper lacks most is brand awareness. Without brand awareness, there will be no awareness of product protection and service. Therefore, the guidance of brand awareness in the future is also a trend

home hotline: what will your company do next in terms of development planning and brand promotion

Mr. Xie: first, we have set up five branches across the country to ensure that we can do our best to provide services to dealers, including helping them train store salesmen and construction personnel. Second, we will set up warehouses in our branches to facilitate our after-sales service. Third, we plan to implement nationwide free construction of the brand, because our logistics has implemented national door-to-door delivery from the beginning, hoping to form a comprehensive integrated service of delivery and after-sales. Fourth, in terms of publicity, we have established a strong network department, has its own online publicity platform, and has a team updating websites and news. There is also a service platform for dealers. Our website is the national ERP system, which operates online with Debang logistics, that is to say, our freight is followed by them, and then updated in real time. Through the ERP system, customers can find our warehouse, our logistics, and order and reconciliation online, which is convenient and fast. This year we will also invest in print media and outdoor advertising. Fifth, we are going to unite with the media and decoration association to name the first national designer competition with the shengdiluo brand, which will play a role in promoting brand awareness, so that designers and dealers can better remember our brand




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