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On May 19 and 20, the federal Gordon expansion training camp, a team that transferred positive energy and created a "heart", opened at the Huangpu Military Academy base in Guangzhou. After arriving at the training base, the team members put on camouflage clothes and divided into two teams

on May 19 and 20, they transferred positive energy and created a "heart" team - the federal Gordon expansion training camp was opened in Guangzhou Huangpu Military Academy base. After arriving at the training base, the team members put on camouflage uniforms and divided into two teams, named "eagle team" and "tiger team", set up slogans, flags, formation, etc., and vigorously opened the two-day and one night expansion training

the marketing team of federal Gordon challenged the limits

in this expansion training camp, the marketing team of federal Gordon collectively challenged classic and wonderful projects, such as speed limit, tangram, persistent efforts, trust back fall, graduation wall, etc. In the process, there are setbacks, complaints, sweat and tears, as well as successes and breakthroughs. Every member has experienced physical challenges and spiritual enlightenment again and again. Through the summary and sharing of all and individuals, they have realized the truth of communication, encouragement, correction and cooperation. The federal Gordon marketing team finally cultivated a sense of collective honor and sublimated the team cohesion

making persistent efforts is the first project. Each team member has a tube. Using the tube in his hand and through the team's precise cooperation, he transports the ball from one side of the grass to the jar on the other side. The team that successfully transports the ball more times wins. In the process, we should not only control the speed of ball transportation, but also pay attention not to touch the ball with hands, not to let the ball fall, and not to pour the jar. This activity told the team members that 100-1=0, the goal is very important, but in the process of implementation, the goal often can't catch up with the changes, which needs to be summarized constantly before the goal is achieved. Unfortunately, some teams have repeatedly fouled on the same issue, wasting a lot of time; Some teams suffered Waterloo due to insufficient communication and coordination and low adaptability

training activities are in full swing

in the tangram activity, the instructor divided everyone into seven groups to simulate the needs of different departments or institutions to jointly complete a series of complex tasks, taking the "Tangram" as the training prop, combining teaching with fun, and bringing students unlimited experience space. Unfortunately, the team members had many problems, the scene was chaotic, and resources were not effectively allocated, resulting in low efficiency and low total score

every training project is full of problems, and it also exposes many problems of teamwork, which is worthy of reflection and correction by every member. The last training project is to climb over the graduation wall. How to successfully climb over the wall more than 4 meters high through cooperation is to test the effective communication, cooperation and dedication of the team. During the project, the instructor asked the team members not to speak, but some of them fouled repeatedly. "How many more times do you want the ladder to be stepped on!" The instructor said angrily, "is that how you treat your teammates!" The instructor's cries deeply touched the hearts of the team members and made everyone more united. Despite the heavy rain, everyone had no complaints and worked together to make the whole team climb over the wall. The moment the team finished the task, everyone burst into enthusiastic cheers

federal Gordon hopes to organize expansion training activities, let employees experience and share, create a united, attentive, responsible and effective team, improve the company's operation and management ability, and improve the employees' personal ability




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