90 flat hybrid queen home

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Because the owner likes this case, the designer boldly uses red as the main color of the room. It is bright, energetic and comfortable, which is the feeling of the editor after reading it. So, let's see what kind of home style it is

there is a bright red wall at the entrance, and the unique decoration makes the space suddenly active. The dining chair also uses red and black to set off each other, which has a strong sense of integrity, and the small room has vitality

the dark red overall cabinet looks elegant and atmospheric, and the red dustbin in the corner dotted the space, making the whole kitchen look particularly textured

as a rest area, the bay window looks very elegant. The owner also used it very skillfully

the bathroom uses a mix of white and red, making the space simple but not monotonous

the original room is very small, and the bay window is also very impractical. The owner requires that this room should preferably be used as a study and bedroom, so use the bay window position to make a bed with a back at the end of the bed

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