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Wadding fiber products are products made of fibers, fiber flocs or fiber mats as fillers and mattresses. It is an important product (commercial) and one of the most basic daily necessities for people's life. It is also a traditional cold proof article. The quality of its goods is directly related to the quality of people's life and health. So how do consumers identify and buy? Here are some common wadding fiber products and matters needing attention when purchasing. The traditional quilt and cotton mattress are

fiber products for flocs are products made of fibers, fiber flocs or fiber mats as fillers and mattresses. It is an important product (commercial) and one of the most basic daily necessities for people's life. It is also a traditional cold proof article. The quality of its goods is directly related to the quality of people's life and health. So how do consumers identify and buy? Here are some common wadding fiber products and matters needing attention when purchasing. Traditional quilts and cotton mattresses are made of cotton (basic thermal insulation material), which has long been a necessity of people's life, which gives some criminals an opportunity to take advantage of the large number of "black heart cotton", which seriously damages the interests of consumers. Black heart quilts are the direct processed products of "black heart cotton". The so-called "black heart quilt" refers to the quilt made of used medical cotton, medical gauze, industrial waste, household garbage, waste clothing or its processed products and other substances that may damage human health as floc fiber, or the quilt made of moldy and deteriorated floc fiber. Black heart quilt not only uses the raw material of the foot, but also may contain various insects, eggs, etc; It may not only emit peculiar smell, but also contain bacteria; After use, there may not only be adverse irritation and allergic reactions, but also infectious diseases. Therefore, we must not use black heart quilt. We should especially remind consumers to be careful when buying carding quilt, so as not to be deceived. Black hearts are not as soft when they are grasped by hands as when they are grasping cotton. Their hands feel uneven and may have hard tendons or lumps; When pressing by hand, it is rigid and inelastic. There may be dust when patting, and there may be special peculiar smell when smelling. Consumers should distinguish according to these characteristics when purchasing quilts. Black heart cotton often appears in cities and towns, suburban areas, as well as urban markets, wholesale markets, small and medium-sized shopping malls, group supplies (schools, apartments, hotels, etc.) and other places. Consumers should pay attention to it. With the continuous development of science and technology, the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous pursuit of quality of life, quilts and mattresses are also changing. Cold proof products filled with all kinds of chemical fibers that are light, warm, soft and elastic have been accepted by people; Especially with the continuous improvement of production technology, quilts made of high-end fibers such as crimp fiber, hollow fiber and porous fiber are beautiful. At the same time, all kinds of wool quilts, down quilts and silk quilts have also been loved by consumers. At present, most of these new quilts on the market are quilted products, that is, quilts are sewn into various patterns by quilting machines to achieve the purpose of beauty, firmness and firmness. Chemical fiber flower quilt has the most varieties. Generally speaking, these quilts are light and warm, fluffy and soft, elastic, and have good shape retention. They can recover naturally after pressing, and can be washed. Ordinary flower quilt is filled with glue sprayed cotton, which is processed into flocs from polyester fiber and then sprayed with adhesive and baked at high temperature. It has good bulkiness, warmth retention and certain elasticity; The three-dimensional crimp or high crimp quilt is filled with polyester three-dimensional crimp fiber. The three-dimensional crimp fiber is like a spring one by one, so its bulkiness and elasticity are better than glue sprayed cotton; The hollow quilt is filled with polyester hollow fiber. Because the hollow fiber is hollow core structure, it is rich in air. Air is a poor conductor of heat, so the hollow quilt is elastic and warm; Porous quilts such as four hole quilts, seven hole quilts and nine hole quilts represent the number of hollow fiber cores used. Theoretically, porous quilts are fluffy, soft and elastic, and of course, the heat preservation is also very good, and the more the number of holes, the better the effect, and the higher the price. In fact, because the fiber dimension is very fine, the hollow core structure will be affected when the number of holes is too high, and the actual effect may be less obvious. When shopping, consumers should pay attention to the fact that according to the experimental inspection, the inconsistency between the logo or publicity and the actual use of raw materials is common, such as marking hollow but only ordinary fiber, marking nine holes but one hole, marking seven holes but only a few holes, etc. It is worth noting that while keeping warm and easy to wash, the chemical fiber quilt is not very close and comfortable to use, especially the flower quilt. The wool quilt is filled with wool fiber. The elasticity and warmth retention of the wool quilt are relatively good, and it can recover after pressing. When selecting, pay attention to whether the wool quilt has been mothproofed. During the use period, it should be regularly dried in the sun for 30 minutes to 1 hour to achieve the effect of sterilization and moisture removal. Wool quilt can't be washed, only the quilt cover can be washed. When choosing products, you should pay attention not to choose products that are too heavy, otherwise they will feel thick and oppressive while keeping warm, and their intimacy is also slightly poor. Down quilt is a high-end product, which is characterized by light, soft and warm. Down quilts also have different grades. Good down quilts have high down content, while low-grade down quilts have very low down content. Some use broken feathers as down, and some even mix chicken feathers. If you feel that your hands are not soft, fluffy or even hard, then it is definitely not a good feather. Down quilts should not be washed. When purchasing down quilts, you should pay attention to the selection of high count and high-density cotton fabrics. You can press and pat to see whether the down is drilled. Smell if there is any peculiar smell. A bad smell means the lint is not washed thoroughly. In addition, people with asthma and allergic rhinitis should use duvet with caution. The material of silk cotton quilt is natural silk, which is breathable, light and soft, and comfortable to touch. Some people even describe it as like the second layer of human skin, which shows the "close fitting" degree of silk cotton. Cocoon contains 18 kinds of amino acids and 97% protein necessary for human body. It has very high moisture absorption and permeability, and is called "fiber Queen". The silk quilt filled with silk can make the skin sweat and secrete freely, keep the skin clean and comfortable. At the same time, due to its light weight, softness and a close fitting feeling, it has the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. Breathable and soft, warm and comfortable, no pressure and close fitting, so silk quilt should be the best quilt to keep out the cold in winter. When shopping, you should pay attention to the different silk used and the different quality. The raw materials of silk quilt include mulberry silk and tussah silk. Mulberry silk is the silk extracted from the cocoon of silkworm. This kind of silk is white with yellow inside, delicate and smooth in hand, and has a faint unique smell of animal fiber. The quilt made of this kind of silk is particularly soft and close fitting; Tussah silk is produced from tussah cocoon. Tussah is a wild silkworm, which is artificially raised in the wild tussah forest, and it feeds on Tussah leaves. Compared with mulberry silk, tussah silk is dark yellow with some natural pigments. Therefore, in the actual production process, in order to make the silk look whiter, tussah silk often needs to be faded with chemical agents, so it may be harmful to human health. In addition, tussah silk contains more "sericin", which leads to its rough hand feel, not smooth enough, and its gloss is also relatively dim; Moreover, the rigidity of tussah silk is also relatively strong, which is not very close to the body. According to the processing method, it can be divided into manual silk, machine-made silk, short fiber silk, etc. manual silk quilts are mostly made of double Palace silk and cotton pieces by manual stretching, twisting and laying layer by layer, so the laying is more uniform, the size is more stable and firm. The machine-made silk and cotton quilt is mostly made of silk and cotton pieces stretched by machine and paved layer by layer, so the uniformity, dimensional stability and firmness are poor. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to whether the product logo is mulberry silk or tussah silk, machine-made silk cotton or hand-made silk cotton quilt. We found in the inspection that some manufacturers used tussah silk, but only marked it as silk on the product logo. Although there is nothing wrong, this should attract the attention of consumers. When winter comes, consumers should choose to protect themselves from the cold according to their own conditions and needs. They should not blindly seek high prices. At the same time, they should not be credulous about publicity. According to some of the characteristics introduced above, they can generally distinguish good from bad by visual inspection and hand feeling. Go to regular stores to buy well-known products, and the quality is relatively guaranteed. Even if there are quality problems, the after-sales service is guaranteed. Here we also want to remind consumers not to be greedy for cheap and credulous of publicity such as cost sales and preferential rewards. The value of genuine goods will not be reduced





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