Cohen integrated stove fighting machine D105 Huiju

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Kitchen is a necessary place for every family. According to the frequency of kitchen use, the survey shows that 40% of netizens use the kitchen at least once a day on average, 26.15% of netizens use it only five times a week on average, and only 1.54% of netizens say they don't use the kitchen. Most of these 1.54% netizens live in single apartments and have no cooking conditions. Therefore, kitchen has become an important area of every family life, Of course, more consumers' demand for kitchen functions is also increasing

according to the overall satisfaction survey of the kitchen, 60% of netizens said they were only "average", "dissatisfied" and "very dissatisfied" with the family kitchen, and only 4.62% of netizens said they were "very satisfied". Among the factors that affect the overall satisfaction of most families, 60% of netizens believe that "kitchen fumes are heavy, smoke machines are noisy, and oil dirt is difficult to clean"; 47.69% of netizens believed that the kitchen "has imperfect storage function", 33.85% of netizens believed that "the kitchen products are rough in workmanship", and the overall use of the kitchen is not delicate and flexible

Cohen appliances, one of the top ten brands of integrated stoves, as a professional manufacturer of full range kitchen appliances with insight into Chinese kitchens and Chinese cooking habits, has continuously launched a number of new products, and recently launched a new generation of integrated stoves D105 again. The top ten brands of integrated stove Cohen integrated stove D105 "Hui" gathers the whole body, and the smoke stove linkage function. The smoke stove is opened at the same time, and a widened smoke baffle is placed on it to prevent the oil smoke from escaping upward. The smoke absorption rate reaches 99.99%, which solves the problem of heavy oil smoke in the kitchen. Cohen integrated stove D105 adopts pure copper fully enclosed motor, which has long-lasting and strong power, longer service life and lower noise; The body adopts 304 stainless steel three-layer black crystal explosion-proof glass, which can withstand 100MPa pressure. With a gentle wipe, it is as bright as new and easy to clean

the top ten brands of integrated stove Cohen integrated stove D105 has a 110L high-capacity storage cabinet under it, with double door design, pots and pans can be placed at will, small household appliances, easy and simple, invisible handle design, fashionable and atmospheric, durable, and safer to use. To ensure the safety of you and your family, Cohen integrated stove D105 adopts the firewall function of ion sensing probe imported from Japan, with high sensitivity. From the inside to the outside, Cohen electric always adheres to scientific and technological innovation as the core, pursues excellence in the process of product development and innovation, constantly improves product quality and improves product quality





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