There is a luxury apartment called penthouse

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there is a luxury apartment called penthouse

onethousandmuseum (Miami luxury residence)

this is the largest residential design project designed by Zaha Hadid during his lifetime: a 62 story luxury apartment, located in Miami, called onethousandmuseum (Millennium Museum)

The completion of onethousandmuseum marks that it has become a model for the construction of luxury residential apartments in Miami

this skyscraper adopts an arc shape in appearance and maintains the characteristics of a large plane. There are almost no columns except the core tube in the room. A variety of high-end floor to ceiling windows are used to create a large viewing space with unique shape for each apartment

each of these houses has a different balcony space and visual landscape. With the change of floor height, the exoskeleton of the building has become the only element, resulting in the unique shape of the super large terrace, creating rich outdoor space for each floor of the apartment

the design is simple and elegant, and the high-grade and elegant soft clothing collocation shows the fashion taste. The application of large-area floor to ceiling windows extends the space vision, increases the space permeability and brightness, and you can enjoy the endless river landscape indoors, with a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery

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