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As the market economy turns into the shift period, the operation of doors and windows is also facing a lot of pressure. For door and window agents, the weak consumption in shopping malls, the rise in store rents, and the rise in labor costs have brought many problems to operators. Facing these challenges, how should door and window agents do a good job in store operation and handling

first of all: fixed staffing, fixed post and fixed criteria

regardless of door and window agents Most businesses need to formulate the staffing and post responsibility system of employees as well as various rules and regulations. Door and window agents should be friendly and have product sales concept guidelines; It is always God's principle to let employees establish customers

secondly: make good use of the magic weapon of passion

after serving, door and window agents must also keep in touch with customers to ensure that their satisfaction continues, such as daily visits, holiday greetings, and a bunch of flowers will deeply move customers. This requires the door and window agents to constantly invent, transmit and communicate, so that they can ultimately obtain, adhere to and add customers, and forge the company's central competitiveness

finally: build brand awareness

door and window agents Commercial advertising should be based on their own abilities. The key is to establish brand effect among the public and let more people know the brand positioning of the company

in a word, there are many problems and details in the operation of doors and windows, but the door and window agents still need to work hard on themselves if they want to add achievements, protect old customers and explore new sources of customers. Only by setting the standard operation with the fixed number of personnel, posts and standards, making good use of the magic weapon of passion, adding customer stickiness, building brand awareness and brand effect, can we pursue greater development space





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