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"Paint ban": the use of solvent based coatings is prohibited in the process of municipal engineering and real estate exterior wall decoration. The reporter noted that Shenzhen started the "paint ban" in 2015, and issued the "limit of harmful substances in building decoration coatings and adhesives" special zone technical specifications. From July 1, 2015, Shenzhen will completely ban unqualified decoration materials such as paints, solvent based coatings and adhesives that seriously endanger the health of citizens. Shenzhen has become the first city in China to ban the sale of paint in order to promote the comprehensive environmental protection and water-based process of building decoration paint

now, Huizhou is another city that has implemented the "paint ban order"! Tu Jie reporter learned on February 10 that Huizhou development and Reform Bureau recently released the 13th five year plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in Huizhou (2016-2020). According to the plan, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Huizhou will promote the rectification of key industries, comprehensively control pollution emissions, implement rural cleaning projects, complete "one village, one facility" by the end of 2017, and fully cover the rural domestic sewage treatment of all administrative villages in the city

the plan puts forward that efforts should be made to control the emission of volatile organic compounds. Strengthen the supervision of VOCs key enterprises. Improve the list of municipal key regulatory enterprises, and gradually include enterprises with annual emissions of more than 10 tons of VOCs into the management of key regulatory enterprises. Steadily promote the VOCs governance of key regulated enterprises, and complete the comprehensive rectification of provincial and municipal key regulated enterprises by the end of 2018 and 2020 respectively. We will promote the emission assessment of key regulatory enterprises and promote the prevention and control work of "one enterprise, one policy". According to the provincial requirements, we will start the construction of "one enterprise, one file" dynamic information management system for VOCs key regulatory enterprises, gradually carry out the verification of VOCs emissions in key industries, and serve as the basis for VOCs emission charges and total amount control

the plan proposes to promote the comprehensive renovation of typical VOCs industries. Daya Bay petrochemical industry has fully launched environmental protection upgrading and transformation, gradually built a relatively perfect VOCs monitoring and management system, and comprehensively applied LDAR technology in key enterprises such as petroleum refining and organic chemical industry. The printing industry, footwear industry, leather manufacturing industry, rubber and plastic products industry and other key industries should take effective prevention and control measures to complete the collection and disposal of organic waste gas and ensure the stable and up to standard emission. Strengthen the supervision and management of oil and gas recovery and treatment facilities in gas stations, oil depots and oil tank trucks according to the standard requirements, and take effective measures to ensure the normal operation of recovery facilities

the plan proposes to promote the comprehensive rectification of VOCs in other industries. In the construction industry, strengthen the supervision of government procurement of environmental protection products, and prohibit the use of solvent based coatings and adhesives for municipal projects and government invested housing and maintenance projects; Solvent based paint is forbidden to be used in the decoration process of real estate exterior walls. In the automobile maintenance industry, gradually promote the transformation of the automobile maintenance water-based paint spraying production line. In catering and other fields, all counties and districts carry out rectification actions for cooking fume pollution, and new catering projects must be equipped with cooking fume purification facilities at the same time. Improve the online monitoring platform of oil fume in Huicheng District, monitor the oil fume purification facilities in real time, and strengthen the daily management of oil fume VOCs treatment and emission




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